Spare the rod? Lessons on child discipline


I was at a church meeting recently where a lady came out holding her toddler with one hand and a wire (cable) in the other. She was clearly exasperated and wanted to hit her son with the wire. Someone quickly took the wire away while the mum complained about her son’s behaviour ” eh this boy will not stay in one place, he has refused to allow me carry him and is just walking about”. I looked at the boy who was about 18 months and told her “madam its his age…its difficult for toddlers to sit still for such a long […]

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Chigul: The Classic Comedienne !


 I am certain that I am not the only one that has a special love for people who share my name. One of my favourite namesakes is the one and only Chioma “Chigul” Omeruah. Chigul as she is popularly known is one who needs little or no introduction in the world of Entertainment. She is a gifted Comedienne with a knack for different accents and a wonderful voice. Let’s hear her story and be inspired. Please give us a brief bio? I was born in Lagos and attended Primary there and Secondary school was in the beautiful city of Jos. […]

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The Nigerian Paralympic Team!


Right now the Nigerian Paralympic team is trending for all the right reasons,they are doing us proud! They seem more organised than their counterparts who represented us at the recently concluded Olympics. Lets take a quick look at some  of our paralympians  that are doing us proud; Josephine Orji This awesome lady has just broken a World Record with a clean lift of 160kg to win the gold medal in the Women’s -84kg Power-lifting event. 37year old Orji was miles ahead of other competitors as she entered the competition lifting a weight of 151kg while  Poland’s Marzena Zieba clinched Silver with  134kg.   Lauritta Onye: […]

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Detola Amure: The Super Working Mum!


When I started blogging about a decade ago Detola “Aloted” Omoba was on of the cyber friends I made.  Since then watching this mum of two evolve has been a delightful experience. Her passion for helping mothers maximise their God given capabilities comes through in almost every thing she does. Please enjoy reading about our WCW today Detola the super working mum!    Please tell us about yourself My name is Detola Amure, married to my amazing husband Tunji Amure with whom we have two lovely children Moyosoluwa who is also known as  Bionic, she is 6 years old and our son Mojolaoluwa […]

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Elima Jedy -Agba- A Medical Doctor passionate about research


When I was thinking about going back to school one of the people that encouraged me was Dr. Elima Jedy-Agba. This beautiful mother of 3 is the classic description of beauty and brains. She manages to juggle running a home and a business with her doctoral studies and makes it look very easy. For all the ladies looking to make a career in research I hope she inspires you.   Elima tell us about yourself. I am a 35 year old married mother of three wonderful kids, Jedy is 8 years old, Timmy is 5 years old and Zoe is 1. I was […]

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Bring Back our History- Dr. Philip Afaha

An old Map of Nigeria

Our Guest Post today is from an academician ( I love academics!) who has a PhD in one of my favourite subjects-History! There is no doubt History is important but for some absurd reason it had been obliterated from the Nigerian curriculum and replaced with civic education. This is a tragedy as a people can not truly see their way forward with out appreciating their past. As a young child at St Saviour’s School, Ikoyi,Lagos I learnt tons about British History from the Vikings to the Victorians as well as the history of other ancient civilisations and this helped shape […]

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Joy Chiedu- “Motherhood is a calling and an honour”

Joy girl!

  Today we have a guest post from a woman who is beautiful in and out. Faced with a childhood full of rejection and a difficult marriage that ended in divorce she was able to brave up and face life with optimism. Joy has made lemonades out of the proverbial lemons life has thrown her and done an awesome job of raising her daughters on her own. Read her story Motherhood to me, is a calling; an honor bestowed upon womanhood that leaves her daunted and awe- stricken all at the same time. I didn’t see much of my own mother, […]

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