One Crash Too Many.


There was yet another crash today -the fifth in one year.
It is kind of ironic that this crash occurred almost a year after the ghastly Bellview flight which claimed the lives of all its occupants.

This recurrence is quite confusing; is it a sign of the end or is it that Nigerian airlines are just plain irresponsible?

Already a number of my friends have stopped using commercial airlines within Nigeria. However, a majority of airline users have no choice but to continue to fly them.

My heart goes out to all those who lost their loved ones in the ADC crash today.

God, please have mercy an help us solve this problem.


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  1. It is really one crash too many, and when you think of the families that have been plunged into mourning, it’s so tragic. We really need to change things in the aviation sector, or else a lot of people will have blood on their hands. God help us.

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