Jesus Take the Wheel!

I almost had an accident recently. Anyone who knows Abuja, knows how wide and smooth our roads are. Anyone who knows Abuja, also knows how reckless and inexperienced our drivers are.

I was driving to church and had the right of way when one silly man who thought he could make a fast one almost collided with me. I swerved to avoid him and almost hit a light pole. It was just God that stopped me from hitting that man or the pole. God literally took over because I had already braced myself for an accident. The jolt startled my kids, thankfully I had started using my car seat so the younger one didn’t even know anything happened.

When the man pulled over he starting by saying “but madam I had my indicator on” I had to resist the urge to strangle him. Thankfully, a passerby admonished him, saying he had seen what happened and that the man should just thank God and apologise to me.

As I left I kept thinking “where was he hurrying to”?

I just thank God for taking over and saving me and my family from what would have been a terrible accident.

17 thoughts on “Jesus Take the Wheel!

  1. na wa o. Thank God you and my boys are fine. I promise I’ll call during the week. I am tryin to study oh. Thanks for the recipe U sent; Ill try it sometime..just made fried rice today. Are you a Carrie fan? Kisses!

  2. These sort of accidents are frightfully commonplace in Abuja. I thought they would have conducted a road audit and sorted it out.

    Anyway, don’t mind me and my plenty english.
    Thank The Lord that nothing happened. I’m glad you are o.k.

  3. “but madam I trafficated.” Lolll…sounds like Naija…thank God u’re doing great. It’s things like this we shd thank God for each day! Stay blessed!

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