Talking ’bout My Hair!

I can so relate to India Arie’s song about hair. Right now I have natchy (nappy) hair and I’m lovin’ it! (Sorry, my camcorder is acting up so I can’t show any pics at the moment)

Growing up, I had so much hair! I was one of those children with big thick afro!

I remember going to a school which was full of expat children (St Saviour’s, Ikoyi). One Christmas, I acted as one of the angels in the nativity play -actually, I was the only black angel and my co-angels were not too happy to have me as an angel. Why? Well because according to one of them (in her britico accent), “you can’t be an angel, you don’t have hair like an angel, but we (referring to herself and the other oyibo’s) do”. I was really upset and went crying to my mum who had come to watch the play only to be stopped half-way by some oyinbo parents who told me how lovely my packed afro was. That gave me some confidence and I turned around, went backstage and prepared for a wonderful performance.


I have the kind of mum who always believed that you could not get your hair permed till you were in university (just kidding) actually, she didn’t allow my older sister get a perm till she was in university, with me I got a blow out in secondary school and a full perm while I was still in secondary school. I have 3 younger sisters and with each one them, the age limit for getting a perm was reduced. By the time it got to the youngest she had permed her in primary one!
When I got into uni and started doing million braids my hair had lost its shine, length and lustre and I had serious ‘mama iyabo’ so I chopped it off!

My mum literally had a fit “what happened to your beautiful hair?” she moaned “it was so lovely when I was looking after it”!

I had baby curls till it grew and then I enjoyed full, long and lovely relaxed hair for some years. In fact at a stage, people started asking if my hair was a weave and if I was mixed race and all of that, especially after I had my babies… Boy! I felt like a model!
The model feeling went to my head and then I got some reddish highlights. I knew my hair would break but I didn’t care; I enjoyed all the attention my hair was getting.
Alas! My hair did break but I rocked the highlights for almost a year so I didn’t care. I wanted to cut my hair but my husband said NO.

Unfortunately, my wonderful father passed on in May that year (boy do i miss him!). I cut my hair -not because I had too (it’s not really done anymore) but I wanted to cut my hair for a good cause not just because it wasn’t full anymore. I wanted a better reason. So after I lost my daddy, I cut my hair.
It’s growing now… I have twists and braids once in a while. My mum thinks I am crazy; my mum-in-law is sure I’m crazy, but… I’m lovin’ my hair!

9 thoughts on “Talking ’bout My Hair!

  1. Hey sis! I love your blog. I want to see pictures of ur hair–you and OG have always had such awesome hair. I remember when we were little I always wanted to play with her hair. And your boys are adorable-I hear Mel is talkative now. Hope to talk to you soon. kisses.

  2. I wish that I had the liver to carry my natchy ( I haven’t heard that name in so looong), but that’s a lot of work. As it is I have pruned down my retouching to minimum of 3 times to maximum of 4 times yearly. My hair is so much healthier for it and my mama iyabo has almost completely grown out.

    There’s this great website that I think you should check out:

  3. Aaww… nice post Chi. Enjoyed reading it. It’s funny how we women express ourselves through our hair. I always think the state of my hair is an expression of the inner me… do you remember Funs’ tuft in the middle of her head when she was a baby? So cute…

  4. Thanks babe! and my lovely sisters love u too much!how can i forget ifys tuft, she was too cute! in my head and around me ..thanks for visiting my blog..will post some pics asap

  5. I had baby curls in my uni days too and it was lovely. I got fed up of dahing the hair dresser £30-£70 with each trip to the salon depending on their whims and decided to crop it all short.

    My husband had a fit. I had been trying to break him in gently about what I was planning to do but he still had a fit when he saw the end results. (smile) My inlaws too had a fit but kept it to themselves and the only inkling I ahd about it was from my little niece. Anyway, my baby curls are here to stay.

  6. Glad your enjoying your baby curls…you cant beat the convenience..When I wante dot go natural i worried about what my mum in law would say ..but at the end of the day i realised it wasn’t anyones business( well except mr husband)God bless your little nieces heart!

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