All For Love!

My people this is a true story and I know the people involved pretty well.

I will start with Kenneth, this is a guy I have known for at least 8 years, he came to live with a family in Abuja as a steward and became part of the family.

Well, last year, he started dating the new help Chi-Chi. Soon enough his madam found out and Kenneth told her he wanted to marry Chi-Chi. His madam had no problem with that but advised Kenneth to wait till he was on his own before he started talking about marriage, before madam could say Jack Robinson, Kenneth had moved out of his benefactors home and rented his own place so he could live with his wife to be.

Fast forward… Chi-Chi decides that she doesn’t want Kenneth any more and moves on. Kenneth is heart broken and comes back home begging his madam to take him back in.

Several months later my husband, a doctor, gets a call from madam saying Kenneth has gone mad. The boy goes round the house in the middle of the night screaming “Chi-Chi wants to kill me! She wants my manhood… Look at her… look at her here… I rebuke you in the name of Jesus… Please don’t kill me… mummy, mummy (his madam) please forgive me I have sinned… Chi-chi leave my penis oh”.

Poor madam thought the guy had cerebral malaria, but after my husband saw him during the day, he was fine. At night he continued his craziness for days. As soon as I heard, I suggested they carry this boy to MFM (a church that focuses on deliverance). They took him to a few other doctors who just prescribed sedatives to calm him down.

Later on they found Chi-Chi who came to see Kenneth with her brother… she claimed that Kenneth had done something wrong and he should confess. Lo and behold Kenneth admitted his guilt and said that he was so devastated when she left him so he visited a native doctor with her picture to do same jazz so she would come back to him.

Eventually, Kenneth did go for deliverance, I saw him today and he is back to normal..

Na wa! What people do for love…

14 thoughts on “All For Love!

  1. R u winding me up with dis na? I know i shouldn’t sound so ignorant and illiterate but i still never believe all these juju stories until now. Na wa for love jazz o. Dis is for those lagos ladies out there, infact our women.

  2. C-H-I-O-M-A!!! Where do you get these your stories from? First it was MAGUN then this one.LOL.
    Kenneth deserved what he got.But what did chi-chi do to make him go crazy?I mean the kolomental part.Did she take kenneth’s picture as well or what?
    BTW how have you been doing? I hope you are cool.

  3. lol…well at least this story is not dem husband had to got inject him everyday.So wienna believe!

    What did chi chi do? who knows the girl has issues herself.God deliver us from fetish people. Thanks mrs somebody..I am fine just under some pressure.

  4. It’s not usually my place to disbelieve something that I haven’t witnessed, even though I don’t think there is anything like ‘Black Science’, if there was we wouldn’t be were we are now. Still…

    But I must say the bit about MFM and deliverance is a myth, and that is a personal, witnessed and unbiased opinion.

  5. 1st time here.

    The evil that men do, all because to hitch a babe.

    @ababoy, leave that MFM thing even i get story involving the deliverance minister, and this is first hand but like i said, let’s leave that one for now.

  6. femme i know, infact they arre some people who dont eevn believe even when it happens to someone in their own house.,ababoy how your boys?

  7. I think Kenneth’s benefactor should think twice of having him in the house. Another ChiChi is coming and people like KEnneth never learn. The Jazz might kill her or even him if it boomerang and then his family from the village will say they have used their son for Juju.
    I know i have an overactive mind. But it is possible.

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