Found my school mother after 19yrs!

I am a big fan of the internet and just a few months ago i was able to trace a friend i hadn’t seen in almost 20 years!.
Fiina was my school mother in secondary school. Fiina was really a mother to me in every way..and after she left Nigeria I tried my best to stay in touch (She is from Namibia) but after awhile we lost touch.
Well I didnt have a clue how i could reach her , until i rembered that i had found another friends email address through google. I googled fiina’s name and found out she was the councillor representing her district in Namibia. However there was no contact no or address anywhere, I was at a dead end but i kept on searching and came up with the same results.
While searching i stumbled upon a couple who lived in her district keetmanshoop..I sent them an email asking if they knew how I could reach their councillors office. I sent that letter not thinking they would reply afterall who replies letters from strange Nigerians…however they did reply giving me a number i could try. I called and was given 2 other numbers to try , and eventually i was given fiina’s mobile number!..she was in shock? she could not believe i had traced her, and she was so so excited. She calls me and sends me messages telling me how much she misses Nigeria and is looking forward to visiting with her 13 year old daughter.
Its good to be able to trace someone and know they are hale and hearty. Fiina is a madam in her country, the equivalent of a local govt chairman or house of rep member( I believe) has a big home and travels the world. I have one more person i hope to find with the help of the internet, hope i suceed.

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  1. That is so great! It is indeed a wonderful thing to know that those folks who had such a positive impact on our lives are doing well. In this case, really well! I too have a few people that I’d love to get back in contact with. Hope you find the other person you’re looking for! πŸ™‚

  2. That is really nice
    wow such a great feeling that is
    when you find someone you longed to see
    thanks to the internet I’m able to come across my primary school mates hehe

  3. Awww that is so nice.I wish i can say the same about my so called school mother. I think the whole thing was one sided and i remember buying her digestive and shortbread biscuits all the time. Kai that chic chop my money ooh and she no even jar me

  4. Yeah the internet can be very useful in finding lost contacts/ friends but I’m very wary of it because sometimes, if you are not careful, you can be stripped of privacy.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog Chioma, and for your kind comments. God bless.

  5. That’s wonderful!!! It is such a joy to reunite with people who you lost contact with.
    Hope all is well with you and your family. I know the baby girl is big!

  6. oh wow, amazing the route you took to find out! Reminds me of what I would do/done in the past. I did the same to help my mom find her old friend’s contact info by finding a name I suspected was her daughter in an alumni group for a schl in the Bahamas, sending the webmaster an email, getting a response weeks later saying they can fwd a msg to her, sending the msg, waiting weeks for her response, emailing her and adding as much info as possible to convince her that i indeed knew her mother lol geez Facebook just makes life so much easier nowadays! I did back flips when I found my next door neighbor who moved when I was 8, turns out we had both been looking for each other over the years.

    Now I’ve been unsuccessful for past 6yrs looking for my cousin (dad’s late brother’s son) even after calling 101 #s and dissecting the internet πŸ™

    Anyway glad she was excited, cause how disappointing would it have been if she wasnt after this fine display of searching skills!!

    I’m a friend of your sister I, and I’ve been reading your blog pretty much since u started, like over 2.5yrs right? lol wanted to say hello, so for 1st time signing with my name πŸ™‚

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