What would u do?


if your boss was hitting on you?

One of my ogas has been on my case. When I was interviewed for this job he was on the panel and boy did he give me a hard time! He akse some crazy questions and was just plain mean!

When I started work a few weeks later, he saw me and beamed a smile, telling me not to mind how he behaved during the interview. The next day he sent for me and gave me this pep talk on how people from my part of the country where in the minority in my office so we all ahd to look out for each other. He went ahead to give me advice on things I shouldn’t do in the office, he was nice and fatherly. When I was paid my housing allowance he even told me how I should buy my husband a very nice gift.

A few weeks later things changed, he would ask why I hadn’t called and started sending me strange email with messages like ” how was your day? God bless you” and would call me at odd hours to say “hello”. Hmm I wanted to believe there was nothing to it.

Last week, he sent for me and told me how beautiful the dress I wore that day was, and how it brought out “everything feminine in me” . He then went ahead to tell me about this play he watched where they remarked that some women where not for one man alone.

I have strated avoiding him o, but its hard because alot of time we have to work together….men sha!


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  1. I know how to kill things like this, I just wait for them to state their manifesto and i'll say " I apreciate the attention but I love my husband and I will not defile my marriage bed" End of. I am someone who is always the last to know when someone is hitting on me but when I do, and the person is being sly, i'll say jokingly, "I'll tell your wife/girlfriend".
    With these "hypothetical" scenarios, i talk in the third person but I'll make it clear, no mistakes, that I do not play like that.
    As a woman in Naija, one needs to be able to brush off unwanted advances without alienating or antagonising the man, it is an art. Goodluck.

  2. oh my. First, I really want to ask you a question but there is no email info on your blog. Hmmm…would love to present this issue for TTTEC as well. If you are interested, please contact me at SOLOMONSYDELLE'S CONTACT.

    Anyway, try to record all your interactions with him if you can. A guy like this, once spurned, will try to turn things against you so be uber careful and stay safe.

  3. Lol! He seems psycho!!! Put your foot down harder..you might have to give him the "black girl attitude" that surely will keep him away, lol. You hear how some blk brothers complain about us blk girls with the whole neck and eye ball rolling, lol. So they claim they want a white girl or another race…oh well. Try n do your best of giving him the cold shoulders. If that doesnt' work ask him to stop because you feel uncomfortable, and if not then u will do what you have to do…can someone say, "sexual harrassement?"
    Enjoy your weekend! Hope the fam is doing great!

  4. I may not be able to offer the right kind of advice but you may have to be open with him and tell him you know what he is trying to do but you are not interested.

    Let him know this will not in anyway affect your respect for him and how you relate with him at work but you want him to stop hitting on you. Tell him you are sorry but that's how it is.

    I just want you to be diplomatic in handling him even if that means you won't want to talk to him like before.

    I have had to deal with situations like this and I can say for sure, talking to some of them and insisting you are not interested and you won't want the way you feel about him being a good person to change works….

    Pls try that cuz avoiding him might not work.

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