Right before your very eyes!


I know you guys may not believe this but it is a true story.

Just recently we received a tip off that one of our ex employees ( Nna) planned to steal the mercury in our grandfather clock. Apparentely mercury is very expensive and he told our informant (lets call him Sam) that they could sell the mercury for 2 million naira.

Well, Sam told Nna that he would think about it and came to us immediately to say what had transpired. Sam made it clear  he would be happy to help us set a trap for Nna. A few days later Sam told Nna that the coast was clear as we were all out of town, so Nna came to the house with all the equipment he needed to break in.

To cut the long story short, Nna was apprehneded by a plain clothed officer lying in ambush. As soon as he was caught we noticed that he had this funny necklace which he was struggling to remove, aslo he kept screaming for water. The police man handcuffed him so his struggle to remove the necklace ended and his desperate pleas for water were ignored.

At the police station he kept screaming for water continously . He was told to sit in a corner and shut up while Sam our informant filled in a police report. A few minutes later the police man asked Nna to come and write his own .. “oya where is that boy, come and write”. To our surprise as we all turned to where Nna had been sitting we saw an empty chair and an almost empty bottle of water.

Apparentely another officer had left a bottle of water near her desk next to where Nna was sitting and stepped out. Immediately an alarm was raised, maybe he escaped through the window! but the windows which were old style louvres were  firmly shut like didnt look like they had been touched in months. Anyway thats how Nna disappeared!.

The policemen were embarassed but it was perplexing as my younger sister was right there and no one had seen him leave the room. Next thing we heard stories about some “jazz” that had to be activated with water.

What do you guys think happened?


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  1. That was scary!

    So the necklace and also drinking water had something to do with it. This nna must be a real ogbologbo. He must really be into some high-classed stealing. I doubt that he would have gone to "receive strength" for stealing a grandfather clock. He's probably been doing much more than that. Wow!

  2. I believe you! I chose to shy away from juju or believe in it cuz it helps my state of mind but I am not to deny its existence and workability. You need to protect Sam from Nna. So, he won't reappear one day to come and deal with him for telling u!

  3. I'm so glad your back !!!!!! I was quite worried when there was no action on your blog. Welcome back

    As for Nna ……. that is just too freaky !!!!!!

  4. Ha! Nna has acted Nigerian home movie oh.
    Pity he's me namesake.
    Wish I had those skills though…
    I can think of the number of occasions I can use it…

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