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Power, Politics and Death By Olusegun Adeniyi | Books, Cds, DVDs For sale at  All Nigeria

The above is the title of a captivating book by well respected journalist, Segun Adeniyi who was the last spokesman of the Late Yar’ Adua.

Now the late Yardie (my name for the late president) was a good man by all accounts. As one time governor of Katsina State alot of sterling leadership qualities had been attributed to him, however he was quite ill and this impacted negatively on his ability to govern Nigeria.
When Obasanjos 3rd time bid failed he decided to foist on the nation a candidate of his choice in the person of the late Umaru Yar’ adua. With a Maurice Iwu at the helm of affairs at INEC one the most rigged elections in Nigeria took place. It was an election riddled with gross misconduct and irregularities that Yardie emerged as President. People cried foul but as a Nation we all felt helpless PDPs “rigging machinery” was in full swing.
I for one couldn’t understand why a man who had shown no desire to be President was suddenly being foisted on us (I wrote about this during the yardie campaign).
Anyway, yardie became president and we could all see that he was truly not a bad option as a leader, however his health problem plagued him and whatever legacy he could have left was marred by the secrecy surrounding his health.
Segun Adeniyi book is about the happening during his short lived tenure as President. Segun’s book kept me captivated for hours, and I couldn’t put it down till i had read all 286 pages of it.
While reading it one thing is clear and that is the fact that Segun had alot of respect for the late President, and its easy to see why. I honestly haven’t heard many negative things about yardie, he was a simple man and for me his only sin was accepting such tasking job when he was in such poor health. Some say he wasn’t truly interested in becoming President but that turai convinced him to accept it.
When i think back to the yardie years i can honestly say that he seemed to have good plans, but I could never get why he was so anti-ribadu and allowed the loud mouth Aondakaa get away with so much rubbish. Segun, shed some light on this in chapter 2 titled “Corruption and the Ibori saga” where he wrote
“The president also complained to me about how the EFCC was acting like it was above the law, recalling an incident where their operatives came to Katsina to arrest local government chairmen in what he described as a Gestapo-like operation…..but the constant factor is that Ribadu dismissed Yar’adua to his face, saying that he was unqualified for the office of president. It was an insult Yar’adua apparently forgot. Nor forgave”.
The book clarifies alot of misconceptions about the yar’adua regime and also confirms some suspicions widely held by Nigerians. It seems like a very honest and sincere account of what went on at the presidential villa.
All in all its a great book and for writing this Segun Adeniyi is my HERO OF THE MONTH.

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