Dealing with Loss of a Loved one


The truth is that the pain of loosing of a loved one cannot really be
explained. It’s like a void that never gets filled and a pain that never
quite goes away. Losing a loved one is something everyone is sure to
experience because as Americans say there are two things that are sure
in life “death and taxes”.
After you have processed the nerve
racking pain (it’s akin to someone battering your soul with a
sledgehammer) you must come to terms with the tragedy and move on.
Staying angry, in pain or blaming yourself can make you spiral into the
depths of depression. Here are some things you can do to help you deal
with this dark period in your life

  • Take a break:
    – It’s hard to concentrate on work when filled with grief. Rather than
    try to be brave ask your employer for leave on compassionate grounds.
    Everyone understands how difficult it is to deal with loss and even the
    toughest boss should be able to give you some time off to grieve
  • A time to heal: – this is
    like taking your prescribed medications in order to get well. Talking to
    a grief counselor or someone who has gone through similar may help you
    get through this process faster. Don’t rush this period but don’t wallow
    in self pity either.
  • The Memory : –
    the good memories are what you have left to hold on to – they will see
    you through the years to come. Try not to focus on the regrets or the
    bad times but instead the laughter shared and the fun times spent
    together. It’s these moments that will bring a smile to your face.
    Looking through old pictures of your loved one is particularly soothing.
  • The Lessons
    :– what are the lessons to be learnt from this grief? One major one is
    never taking your loved ones for granted as you never know when they
    will be gone. Another is living a purposeful life. Make up your mind to
    spend quality time with your other loved one and be prayerful at all

Going through the pain of a loved one is hard, and
nothing truly prepares you for it. However others will hurt after you
and you will be there to guide them through if you make a decision to
move forward and not allow yourself sink into the depths of despair.


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