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I love inspiring topics and there is nothing as inspiring as an enjoyable meal! Honestly when you have eaten well you feel revitalized and ready to take on the world and I’m sure my fellow food-lovers will agree! Its been a minute since I did a food or restaurant review so I was extra excited about the sumptuous meal I got from Desserts and Co. an Abuja based food company that specializes in indigenous treats with an exotic spin! They also do pancakes, doughnuts, salads and so much more. Best of all they deliver your meal or treat to your office or home.

Recently I enjoyed their Pap (also known as Ogi and Akamu) and fruit (with Akara (Bean cake in English and known as Kose in the north) and a savory tomato sauce. It was superb! First of all the delivery guy was extremely polite, despite the fact that I kept him waiting for a bit he remained calm and courteous . Then I loved how it was thoughtfully and neatly packaged but then I hoped it wasn’t a case of the packaging being good and the contents disappointing. Thankfully the meal exceeded my expectations and  was good, very good!  . I tried the Akara first  it was superb ! the flavours were just right and the balls were fluffy. My colleagues who shared me wondered why there was a sauce as it was really yummy on it’s own. However when I tried the Akara with the sauce I saw it was  not a waste as it added an extra oomph to the Akara. The pap that came with Akara was smooth, creamy and well made with slices of Kiwi in it. It came with milk and sugar and after I added the required amounts I dug in!  The pap was YUMMY!

All in all I enjoyed my breakfast and I will look forward to another meal from Dessert and Co very soon. Their menu sounds interesting and next time I will try the Akara with shrimp as it sounds like an awesome combo!  Their phone number is 08099389085  and if anyone else has ordered a meal from them let me know what you think.


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  1. Wow! This review is awesome ,its amazing how much mindful chioma could be ,this came to me as a surprise! . we at Desserts&Co are indeed happy,you loved every bite of our Akara and fruity Pap.

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