Huffington Post: My journey to becoming a contributor


I have always loved reading the Huffington Post and its co-founder Arianna Huffington is one woman I greatly admire. For this reason contributing to Huffington Post was something I aspired to do. One day I decided to find out exactly what the process was and I was happy to discover that Huffington Post didn’t mind if I sent them stuff I had already published on my blog or not, as long as it was mine that was fine.  So I looked for a couple of my favourite articles and sent them in separate emails to . I did not get a reply to the first one but was pleasantly surprised to get a reply to the second one  from Arianna the very next day!  This is what the e-mail said in part;

“Dear Chioma, many thanks for your note. We would love to feature your voice on HuffPost”.

I was ecstatic!  The first article I published on that platform is titled Marriage and Money and the latest is a write-up titled “Feel the Fear and go ahead!”.

So there you go! If you would like to write for HuffingtonPost, BellaNaija, MotherhoodInstyle, TWMagazine or indeed any online or print platform put your best foot forward and send them something good i.e. well written and edited. Most times you can find an e-mail address for contributors on the sites so write something nice and send with a nice pitch (note that most of them will not accept already published articles) . They may say no but they just may say yes, so if you don’t get any response keep trying!

Its really the same principle for most things you want in life  if you don’t ask you won’t get any answers.


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