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One of my favourite childhood movies is the 1951 version of “Alice in Wonderland” in one scene the blue caterpillar asks a confused Alice  “Who… are… you? ” to which she responds ” I- I hardly know, sir. I’ve changed so many times since this morning, you see… “. In the movie Alice’s changes have little to do with her but in real life many are confused as to who they are for the same reason…too many changes, multiple facades. In this Guest Post our contributor explains why its important to own who you are and be true to the authentic you!

I knew I was born different and for several reasons like many others, I wanted to fit in, be like that soft-spoken lady or be like that likeable and loveable personality everyone wanted to be around. It bothered me for a while and I tried so hard to be like these personalities and I was failing woefully at it. I was miserable and thought, I am not good enough. I am too hard, I am too passionate, I am not just the regular person that’s likeable until one day, the wool fell off my eyes.

I was created different intentionally. I grew close to the persons I admired so much and found out that the reason I admired them was because they were themselves in all honesty and simplicity. They exuded what was innately apparent which was beautiful. For every quiet personality is a lively one to create balance. You are life’s balance. Flaunt it.

I went on a soul search and at the end of it all, decided that I will embrace me and love me. My first few steps in being me felt strange. I looked around and thought, no one’s really looking, no one’s noticed and then took much bigger steps. The few that eventually did notice called me different but not out of curiosity but truly out of their fear and lack of understanding of why I was refusing to fit in after all, everyone did.

The true beauty of being me came when others began to approach me to say how they had become inspired to become themselves and how tired they had become of this mask they had all been wearing. It finally clicked, I was that little picture of me-ness to encourage others’ you-ness….and on and on the bigger picture is formed.

 Who exactly is the authentic you? Simple, you are who you are when no one is watching.

In today’s world where there is so much discontent with life, where a constant desire to be like someone else is being pushed by media, it’s hardly a surprise the confusion over who one really is has increased in leaps and bounds.

In order to reveal who we really are, I want us to take a minute, strip off all the distractions of life, go back to that quiet place where you can truly call a spade a spade and there you will see who you really are.

The amazing thing about the” real you” is that you and I have no business being anyone else. First of all, we were created with unique features, passions, likes and dislikes and that is what really and truly makes us distinct and beautiful in immeasurable ways. Secondly, it is absolutely impossible to be like anyone else and even if you did fake it, sooner or later, you will tire yourself out!

You see, the world needs your uniqueness…your authenticity, whether they believe it or not. The world may not embrace what it sees of you initially, may even hurl insults at you but it not you, its them. You are different and its normal for people to fight what is different and also, what they cannot understand. The great thing though is that for every person that does not understand you, there is usually someone else who will. So why not persevere and stay true to who you really are? Especially since life has a way of connecting the dots and helping you find like-minded people and helpers who will boost you to the next level of your transition in life.

We are all here for a purpose and reason. We are here mainly to serve others with the unique gifts, abilities and personalities we have been blessed with. Only if you’ll reach out in your true form though. Now that’s not to say that we don’t have weaknesses we would like to strengthen, or rough edges that need smoothing. These improvements should not and don’t normally affect the core of who you are.

The truth is that no one is perfect…. I believe this lack of perfection was designed intentionally so that the missing pieces in us are located in other individuals and this forces us to work together, love each other and be there for one another so that we experience a wholeness and a oneness in life. An independent yet dependent way of life.

There is therefore a need to be true to yourself. Now, imagine if you were not being you and came come across a helper but because you have a make-belief personality, a facade, a fake feature or ability, you would never make a good fit and would keep searching for solutions that can’t come to you.

With time, we will all grow in confidence, but most importantly, in freedom. For the day you make peace with whom you are and accept the beauty of your uniqueness and not as others see it, that is the day you can really call yourself free. Free from anyone’s contrary opinion which they are free to express of course – but still free because you are limitless in the realisation of what you are, what you can be and what you should never be – ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU!

Well said ! So readers why do you think some people find it difficult to show who they truly are? fear of being hurt…or lack confidence? Look forward to learning from you all!


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  1. A very thought provoking piece. Very well written in my opinion. For those of us who have always been brought up and taught to be “unapologetically us”, this article comes as a reinforcement. For those of us still on the path to getting it right, this article serves as a stimulus. I say to us all, ‘dare to be (unique)/different while being understanding and tolerant also of the (uniqueness)/differences in others.” Like the author states, realise you are different and unique because you are life’s balance. Come on, go ahead and FLAUNT YOU.

  2. Very well written.I find, though, that a lot of people refuse to improve themselves or accept that certain behavioral flaws need to be fixed because they are so jealously protecting their “authentic selves”. How do we relate with someone who refuses to improve or change a flaw because he or she is ” just being me”???

    1. That’s a very good point/question. Every living thing should grow and where there is no positive growth then stagnation and decay sets in. Same with the core of who we are like you imply like fine wine we should improve and I like that the author took congnisance of that when she wrote about ” rough edges that need smoothing” …To your question its tricky as dealing with such people can be frustrating indeed! If they are close I would let them know lovingly (soft or tough) that they need to work on certain flaws . Personally I know part of who I am is a sensitive being and while I make no apologies about who I am I have consciously tried to work on it and embrace its positive sides and minimise any negatives. Thus I find I am less touchy and more empathetic and that I am using the better side of my God given nature more often.Its almost like Elsa in “Frozen” she had a gift which seemed terrible until she “grew” and learnt how to use it to her benefit and that of everyone else around her.

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