Back to School Tips for Busy Mums

The school year is upon us and it’s time to get your act together before the first day of school. If you are a working mum you need to be extra organised as having your children back to school is no excuse to be tardy. Here are a 5 tips to help you and your children as you count down to drop off at school!

What do they need?  If you haven’t bought all their school supplies by now you may be running late.You can go through their school stuff with them and be sure they have all they need like pens, rulers as well as  stuff like glue, cardboard, markers e.t.c so you do not have to run around whenever they have a simple project. Ensure you don’t wait till resumption day to ask if they need new uniforms or new socks as even if you checked a couple of months ago you must remember that children grow fast that an outfit that  fit in July may be too small by September.  There are a lot of shops that stock uniforms and back to school supplies for reasonable prices and its best to have a checklist so you do not miss anything.


Adjust the bedtime clock: Most parents give their children the privilege of staying up late at night and sleeping in when they are on holiday. Now that school ia about to start rather than wait till a day before school resumes to go back to the regular bedtime start a gentle adjustment a week before . This way they have time to get used to the new norm and don’t start the school year feeling cranky, tired and sleep deprived.

 Practice the school run: If your child or children are starting at a new school it may be a good idea to practice how long it takes you to drop them off. This will help you better plan what time you need to leave the house especially if you want to walk them into school or need to be at work at a certain time. It will also help you see which routes may be the most practical.

Have a  pre school-start meeting: This meeting with the children can also double as a strategy and goal setting session. In this meeting you and the children can discuss  goals and plans for the new term or session and even put them in writing. Such sessions are an excellent time to go over what they did not like about the previous session and discuss what they would want to happen this session regarding their school work and extra-curricular activities i.e. what subjects they want to improve in, what clubs they would like to be in or what instrument they would like to learn.  It could also be a good time to discuss whatever fears they may have about their new class and reassure or encourage them with stories like “First Day at the Big School“. I got this tip from one of the ladies in my book club ladies and its a great way to get your children focus on what they plan to achieve in school.

Pack away the game consoles:  Its almost time to pack away the gaming systems until another holiday. As much as we want our children to have fun leaving the Playstation out all year is very distracting and too much of a temptation. Therefore I always pack my childrens up before school starts so they can look forward to more fun and games when school is on half -term or during their next vacation.

Please share whatever tips you have on prepping both you and your children for a new term and I  hope the children have a great school year!

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