Anambra State and its Wahala!


I have almost given up on my beloved state.


Because lately, there is hardly anything to love about it -well, except that it’s the home of my forefathers and really, when I do go to my home town, it does feel like home.

Here are my worries: the roads are unbelievably bad, it’s highly undeveloped, security is poor and it’s boring! However, my main grouse with my home state is its inability to produce good Governors.

This is rather ironical when one considers that this same state has produced so many talented leaders in different spheres of our nation. However, when it comes to the all important task of governing the State, we have had nothing but bad luck.

I will assume that anyone reading this knows our Political History, so I won’t bore you. The latest turn of events is however most disheartening. Peter Obi, an astute business man of repute has been our Governor for about 7 months and all because he hasn’t shared “government money” with some people he has been impeached. It’s even more upsetting that lawyers who are meant to be noble are being used to perpetuate this anomaly. It is also annoying that his Deputy Governor (a very lovely lady) has been pressurised (more or less) to be the Governor, I would have preferred she  refused to be sworn in. Anyway, she may have had  her reasons.

I, however, take solace in the fact that God is on the throne and that the uncouth Speaker called Balonwu was not sworn in as Governor.

Please let us all Pray for our State, and if you aren’t from Anambra, please we still need your prayers.


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  1. Really.. may God help Anambra state. We have really made a mess of things. Our leaders have no sense of directions, and we the followers also seem very confused. It’ll take a total change of orientation to save us… and as you said, plenty ekpele.

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