Culture Shock!


Baba na wa for you!

Culture and Tourism in Nigeria has just received a negative jolt. I mean how can Baba (Obasanjo) send Borisade to Culture and Tourism? Once again this administration has shown its obvious disregard for tourism. I can almost guarantee that with Borisade at the helm of affairs, it is the beginning of the end of Tourism (which sadly, is already not doing well) in Nigeria.

People have been asking why there have been so many calls for Borisade’s resignation. Well, it’s because the guy is inept! He may not have caused the air crashes but one thing is for sure, his inexperience is indirectly responsible for some of these crashes, and the amount of casualties. In the recent ADC crash, he gave a press conference the day after the crash and kept on referring to ADC as ADA (how daft) and heaped all the blame on the pilot even going as far as saying the pilot was a rude and disobedient pilot.

He claimed that the pilot had disobeyed the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) who had warned him about the winds. This, according to aviation experts, is hogwash as it is the normal practice for pilots to exercise their discretion when flying i.e. if the ATC says the weather is bad the pilot can decide for himself whether he can go ahead or not. The ATC however has the right to close the airport if he/she feels the weather is too bad.

It will be noted that since Borisade came into power the airports have never been closed, no matter how bad the weather is. If Borisade was doing his job he would have noted this (especially after the Sosoliso crash which was attributed again to poor weather) and called the ATC to order or made sure they knew their powers and responsibilities.

Borisade does not need to carry his bad luck to another ministry; he has already messed up Education, Avaition and now Tourism is next. We all know he is close to Baba, but this closeness should not be at the expense of Nigeria.


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  1. The man (Boorish Borisade) is desperate to prove himself but has failed to recognise that, to put it bluntly – e don fail! Make e vamoose comot. There is really nothing he can do to repair his terrible record.

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