Raising Boys!


My boys bring me a lot of joy, but they sure are a handful!

The thing about having boys back to back is that they become partners in crime. They aid and abet each other in committing naughty crimes.
Nonso is 3, Mel is 19 months and they love each other to bits. They jump off tables, and generally wreck havoc together. Yet it’s so wonderful to see them hug when they see each other after school. It is absolutely adorable!
Right now my house-help is ill so I am doing it the “obodo oyibo” way (you know how it is abroad; hardly any help) and because the husband is thoroughly spoilt, I hardly get any help from him (sigh).

Anyway it’s a mothers joy and I know I am extremely blessed to have my boys!


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  1. Yes o, you are tres blessed o. Hang in there my love, it’ll get easier. Was so gooood to see my Nonso yesterday, had missed him so much. And my Mel… oh I miss that serious little oyibo man. Love you guys. Ogo

  2. 3 & 19 months…still a long way from the nightmare. I have 2 boys (8 & 4)…God knows if they werent mine, I wouldnt accept any amount of money to look after them. Love them to bits..but God knows they drive me to the wall. Living out here makes it worse, you have no one to send them to. So its you and them. Sometimes I cant wait for Monday – so I could just go to work. Funny thing is, I miss them while at work. Boys..kai.

  3. Aba boy, u are scaring me! You mean its only going to get worse!I just thank God for the priviledge but i am sure i dont want any more boys. You know my inlwas think i am a queen cus i have 2 boys..(u know ur people now) so it gets me a lot of special treatment…thanks for coming bye my blog

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