So, here’s a bit of update.
On my house-help issue, a new girl (she came highly recommended) started last week… so far so good. A little bush but can be brushed up. I love the fact that she speaks Igbo to my kids and seems very kind, especially with the way she talks to them. After day 1, they had already warmed up to her. The old girl is still around because I wanted my kids to get used to this new lady first. So she will be leaving at the end of the month, which is also when her school term ends.

I also laid off the older nanny I had, nice lady but she had outlived her usefulness. I got her because my youngest was at home but now he goes to playgroup. Basically, she just comes to my house to eat and sleep and was beginning to feel like a madam in my house. Imagine her telling my husband that he should talk to me because I am spoiling the children. Two weeks ago I scolded her about something and she was like “eh aunty let me tell you my own oh, I want to be closing earlier oh, my husband is complaining”. This is someone who doesn’t even come on weekends, closes by 4pm twice a week, and the moment you scold her she has a scowl on the whole day -which affects how she treats the kids. Anyway I pray this new girl lives up to my expectations.

Moving on, I have a little dilemma: my younger son will be 2 in April and I don’t know what to do about his big brother (he is 3 and a half). How can I explain to him that it’s his brothers birthday without him wanting his own cake and present too?

Talking about my younger son he is so funny, he is very quiet and pensive for his age; he can talk but we hardly hear him talk. On the 9th, I heard him sing “twinkle, twinkle little star” for the first time. I was so excited!

I entered for a Celtel contest where the star prize was a trip to Seychelles. I didn’t win but I am going to South Africa next month with dh (God willing). An organisation he works with is paying for his trip so I am tagging along. It’s just for one week so that will be our honeymoon (after 5 years)! I am really looking forward to it, because we just started having some peace after almost one month of serious matrimonial squabbles.



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  1. Hello naija wife
    First time of leaving a comment on your blog though i read it quite often. Nice to hear you have gotten a nice person to help at home. I remember how difficult that was for us when we were growing up so i join my prayers with yours that it stays that way. Sorry to hear that you didn’t win the trip, unfortunately could not vote for you as I was not in Nigeria but i thought it was a lovely text. Make sure you have a great time in S.A!!! Remain blessed.

  2. Yeah! You have updated!

    It seems that the issue of nannies and househelps is very common indeed. Read 9jamommy’s blog for instance. Older nannies! Can you imagine what she said. Thank goodness you’re getting rid of her soon.

    I hope your new househelp will be good. You may need to be cortrecting her English, as well as that of your kids! I hope though that the older househlp doesn’t know she is leaving so that she doesn’t torment the new one…

    Congrats on your trip to SA. Me thinsk Jo’burg is nice. It doesn’t look like part of Africa. I hope you have a fab time! I bet you are not taking the kids? 🙂

  3. Older nannies seem to be a problem. I think its always safer to employ someone younger than you as a nanny cos you command more respect from them than an older one who sees you as a small girl who just happens to be paying her salary. Hope ur new girl lives up to ur expectations.

  4. Awww… so sweet, thanks for the updates Miss Chi. As for your older son, he can’t his own cake and stuff, can he – he can’t have 2 birthdays, abi? But he is a such sweetheart, he might throw a tantrum at first, but I know he will share in his brother’s joy. Just make sure he is very much involved in all the fun and rejoicing of the day. You can let him cut the cake with his brother (take 3 cutting-the-cake pics, one with them both, one with older alone, one with younger alone). Your younger one is adorable with that his voice and the serious way he watches tv – I mean, you can’t get him to even look at you when this little guy is watching tv. Hilarious. Maybe he will be a prof someday – or who knows he might totally change and become very boisterous and talkative. Children are so precious and sweet!

  5. I hope your new help works out perfectly. Good your kids already like her. Yeah, it seems older nannies are more difficult to work with, so try and stick with younger ones who wont be trying to boss you.
    Your kids must be soo cute. You can get your older son to actively participate in the party planning for his brother, so he wont feel too left out. Then maybe reward him with a little gift for being such a good big brother/Mummy’s helper. But let him lnow its little brothers day oh!
    Maybe you should interact more with your little son. Talk to him more, ask him questions and sing to/with him. Maybe that will bring him out of his shell more?
    Just my 50kobo, I dont even have kids(yet!)but I cant wait.

  6. heheheheheh! Birthdays! for years we all celebrated our birthdays together! hahahah that way, our mumsy made a party once a year! I am sure on her part, it was very economical, all the pics we have are all of us cutting one big cake!

  7. @believer, thanks for stopping by,will appreciate the prayers oh! will try and have fun in SA.
    @lm..my sister I have already started correcting,the good thing is that my kids speak igbo so I just tell her to speak igbo to them.The old girl tries to make her feel inferior she knows that she may go right now she just trying to impress me so I change my mind and keep them both(don’t see that happening)..kids? which kids?lol
    @calabar girl a big amen to that..i really hope she does well, so far so good.
    @miss ugwukenu I will try that my dear thanks.
    @ladybug..hello! thsnkd for visiting my blog..I’m trying to get him involved..i asked him what cake i should get for his brother and he said “get him barney and get me winnie the pooh”..I guess I just have to explain to him more..oh yes they are extra cute!As for these nannies i think its partly because we all do sisi these days and dress funky..I think they actually think some of us young mums are teenagers!I found out he likes dancing so when i play music that gets him out of his shell.Sometimes people joke we need to hire a clown to get our baby excited..gradually he is becoming more expressive especiall when he is with his big brother.
    @waffarian..your mama is a wise woman! My mum use to make those of us born in the same month celebrate together, luckily i was the only july child!

  8. I hope your new help proves useful…. On the nanny thingy, well I never! I know these people are programmed to try to run other peoples homes so i have never ever considered getting one… such gall- abeg let her go home to her husband jare!!

    I’m happy hubby and you are having some peace… these things happen at times, don’t they? Then you’ll ask yourself, “why did I ever?”

    Nice about your son… I’m glad to know he’s learning to speak.. as for the older son and the cake… my dear, try buy 2 cakes now? Do kids ever understand at this age? Enjoy your HONEYMOON!

  9. enjoy ur honeymoon….
    househelp wahala… i hope this new one is good ooooo

    i might be in naija for easter…will let u know… if ur sons bday is around that time… will come and celebrate…

    this one u have been blogging lately….keep it up…i love ur blog

  10. I can’t believe the long comment I left about my suggestions for you son’s birthday did not show…

    About why you don’t see my blog sometimes… I’m just a bit wary when I post comments on really popular blogs because I don’t really want a flood of people back to my blog – so I disable the feature of linking to my blog from profile or post as ‘Other’ and type in my name instead of using my blogger display name. I’m still a new blogger but you know where I am now, so pop by anytime!

  11. blogger! pls when you have time try and rewrite your suggestions, will really appreciate it. Yesterday i asked nonso(my older son) what kind of cake I should make for his brother between barney & winnie the pooh(his brother loves both esp barney)..he choose winnie the pooh for him and asked me if he would get a big piece of the cake.lol

  12. @mrs somebody lol..my oga is not ready for adanma yet,but who knows(wink.Ihaven’t weighed myself yet..I feel a bit lighter though have to try it before i travel.Hows your diet going?
    @mymt..hope you will be around that will be fun.
    @nyemoni,I know!..men can be so annoying..atimes you just wonder wouldnt I have been better of single.We thank God cus HE makes it better.May he give us all happy homes in Jesus name.
    Two cakes! nne thats money! read the last comment I left.I may aslo buy him a birthday gift he can open later for being a good big brother.

  13. I concur with Ms. Ugwunkenu (sorry if I spelt wrong). I am counting the days till I get to see my nieces and nephews again..I think I really do love kids after all. I sent one niece a birthday gift but because it arrived late her older sister thought it was just a random gift and was very upset that I only got one for her sister….I know, I should have thought about that-I’ll have to make it up to her.

  14. So glad you found someone for your children. Sorry I didn’t respone to your comment, my email didn’t notify me and I just read the comments and finally posted them.
    Lol, that’s a good dilenma! Whatever you do, make sure you DO NOT buy an extra cake for him. Once you start that, you have to continue. Just have him to help out blowing the candles, and keep telling him it’s his brother’s birthday (that’s what I did) he’ll be fine.
    Ummm, ahhhh, ooooo, honeymooners, eh? Ok, I wouldn’t be surprise if one of your blog title is “We’re Expecting, Again!” *SMILE*

  15. outlived her usefulness? sounds kinda harsh to me.. but you are right, she shouldnt necessarily interfere with the way you raise your own kids.. you are their mother.. and she has no authority. but still.. that statement is kinda harsh.

  16. @nanya- can’t wait to see you!
    @lady a – thanks for the advice! well who knows you may just be prophesying about a future post title.
    @ije..- yeah I guess it “sounds” harsh but its the truth..you see when i employed her I told her i just needed someone to stay with my son until he started school..I kept her 3 months after he started school just because I liked her..If I was expecting would have kept her but it doesnt make sense to pay someone to just come and eat and sleep in your house!..thanks for coming to my blog.just looked through yours..interesting.Have a blessed week!

  17. From a naija wife and mother to another…
    I love our blog!!!

    Yall back home are so so lucky. I reading of your househelps and i am here wanting to slap up the Canadian Day Care system that charges us almost 700 dollars a month for child care.

    This is why i want to move my behind back home. Hiss. lol.

    You know what my momma did, everytime i had a birthday, she made sure my brother had a cake too…or everytime my brother had a birthday, i had a cake too.

    Or get your 3 year old involved, let him go with you to pick out the cake for his younger one, so that he doesnt feel left out and all.

    You will be fine and have fun in S.A.

    I am so Jealous (Smile)

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