Braiding My Hair. (Dry Title)


“Aunty keep ya head”

I am braiding my hair at a popular Abuja saloon, I brought my laptop to relieve boredom and I also think making hair is such a waste a time that you just have to the maximise it by doing something else, so here I am writing some new posts.

I hate making my hair; that’s one of the reasons I cut my hair last year. I just hate going to a saloon and having to wait hours before it’s your turn. Rubbish! Also, I hated that hair dryer. Arrgh! It must have been an angry man that invented it …it’s just punishment! Even when I  had a perm, I would just go to one small unknown saloon and take all my products and teach them how to wrap-set my hair. My hair was really lovely (I may say so myself). After I had my second son my hair length was like a weave, full and lovely. Then I decided to put in highlights… everyone warned me that it would cut my hair but I really didn’t far as I was concerned even if I enjoyed it for 3 months it was worth it. I rocked my highlights for almost a year before the effects of the constant colour began to show. After my dad passed in May, I knew I was ready to start my hair again, this time without chemicals.

I did all the research I could on natchy hair, visited all the nappy hair sites I could lay my hands on. I even considered dreads ( may still lock my hair …my poor mum will be heartbroken. lol). I asked my girl Lara how she had coped with her nappiness “My sister it’s not easy oh, you will get lots of comments from people and it’s difficult to manage. And oh! You always have to be well made up” (oh no! I don’t even have studio fix). She has since relaxed her hair.

It’s been tough really I no go lie, but I am beginning to enjoy it, my hair is healthy and growing really well. I only visit the salon which specialises in braiding when I need to braid. (Hurray! No more staying under the dryer monster!).

The comments haven’t been too bad, in fact must people love my hair: “you look so cool”, “I love those twists”, “Is that your hair, wow I thought it was an afro weave, why don’t you just lock it?”

Last week I did the single strand twists and got the funniest comment ever from Mr Mayaki one of my silly colleagues “Ahh Chichi I don’t like this one oh, please change it. You look like a woman that is fighting with her husband” lol. My other colleague Mo almost collapsed “Mr Mayaki! You are so bush, please don’t mind this local man, your hair is really nice, oh so you’ve locked it?” I had to explain to her at least 3 times that week that they were not dreads, my other boss just saw me and smiled. I may actually do dreads, just looking for someone that can do them well. I tried one guy who had been recommended but I looked like a failed reggae artiste, so I am taking my time. I also want to be sure it’s want I really want because once your hair locks it locks.

“Aunty this your hair dey pain hand oh” the girl braiding my hair complained

“Ah is natural hair more difficult to make?” I asked

“Yes oh aunty e dey pain hand well well”

“ma binu oh. pele.”

Lol. What more could I have said?
Have a slamming weekend!

PS. the hair turned out really nice, my girlfriend screamed “Chioma, fashi your dreads idea oh! this one fits u too much!”


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  1. You know Im with you Chioma; hair salons suck annoying; if I go to a salon once in a year its one time too many. I want to see pictures of your hair 🙂

  2. LMAO!!! I have nappy hair too and my hairdresser is prctically begging me to retouch…. I am seriously considering it cos the OUCH is getting too much for me….
    I liked this part…. tried one guy who had been recommended and I looked like a failed reggae artiste… Classic!!!

  3. LOL great post! I hate it when the person braiding my hair keeps moaning about how hard it is to braid my natchy hair. Abi I no dey pay dem? You are so right about dryers – I hate those things. My hair never used to set properly when it was relaxed, because I was always coming out from under the thing before the hair was totally dry. I don’t miss those instruments of torture at all! Do you still want to loc? Thought you’d fashed the idea…

  4. the last time i went to nigeria and i went to the hair saloon, the woman doing my braids pulled my hair so much i thot it was going to fall out of its roots, as she was doing this, she was complaining that my hair was hurting her hand and i need to pay her more. She tightned the braids so much that i had to take the braids out a week later. That was in 2003. Since then, i vowed to be doing my hair myself. Now i braid and relax my hair myself. No hair dresser dares come near my hair!

  5. thanks nanya I know u got my back.@ nyemoni I know there can be lots of ouches..will send u some tips on how to reduce em before you retouch.
    @waffarian lol! Glad u enjoyed it.I enjoyed writing it.@ daddys girl..I dunno.about the locing.i think I need deliverance sometimes I find it so hard to make up my mind I want something and then I change my mind..and yep I def aint missing hair dryers.
    @chidi..u know I wish I could braid younger sister who lived in states can,don’t know how you can do it.what i do know is i usually allow one lady to do my hair..she ahs tender hands.

  6. Girl, I have been growing my natural hair for a little over one year now. It’s full, thick, curly and lovely. Every time I have it out in full people always ask me “Excuse me, who does your weave?”

    That being said, when I went back to Nigeria for a 3 month break [after I almost lost it], people kept trying to get me to relax it because I was “Looking bush/ it hurt to make/Who carried nachi nowadays but bush people?” I boned them all. I had it wrapped [isi owu] in wool, which was then burnt at the tips and put in BOILING water to make it swing and sway. I came back to the UK with it and people were DYING. I’ll send a photo to tell you exactly how it was done to avoid the tapering look that wraps usually have. All the strands were the same width from top to bottom.

    The moral of the story? Nne, grow your natural hair joo! Why not? We are the only race in the world to have our hair like it is! Who can copy it? I have many other reasons too…infact I’ll blog about it soon.

    I don’t know if I can commit to dread but if you can, why not?

    Kpele for the long comment.As you can see, it’s a pet topic of mine.

  7. Women and our ‘wahalas’.If it’s not weight,it’s hair,if it’s not nails,it’s period troubles…WHY US???

    Anyway chioma nice post here.And thanks for caring.I’m okay just have some little issues bothering me including NEPA abi PHCN.

  8. @yeah another nappy sister..pls waiting for details on your owu style..
    @mrs wa I guess tahst why God loves us so much i mean we have too much going on

  9. chioma dear…
    sorry, but i am not with u on natural hair…lol
    i tried it for a year…it was rough….painful….really painful…lol

    enjoy it sha…. i wont go back..
    i dont like dryer too… so i will stick to braids….

    i am in london right now…..looking for ticket to naija..might make it

  10. I hate dryers and when I was pregnant, found it almost impossible to sit under “hell”. So I turned to braids. They saved me and kept saving me when I had my little girl and had to go to work and still look presentable at the same time. Then of course, because my hair only saw relaxer 3 times that year, I ended up with a lovely mane full of hair. I can’t do natchy full time, but if anyone is having hair issues, I definitely recommended going back o your roots.

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