Glad To Be Home!

My husband and I just got back from a one week trip to S.A and while it was loads of fun, I am so happy to home. I especially missed my blog pals as the internet access was bad in our resort.
It was a good trip. We stayed in Heia Safari Ranch, which is in one village called Mulderdrift. As the name implies, it’s a safari ranch… so we were living with zebras, giraffes, deer and wildebeest (buffalo), it was really cool! The over 1000 hectares ranch is owned by an elderly Afrikaaner man and apart from the animals that we mingled with, we were able to see his wild monkeys, different variety of antelopes, hippos, rhinos, ostriches etc. It was so beautiful to see animals free in their natural environment. Meanwhile, the guy just built two decent houses for himself and his daughter on the property -dat na oyibo for you. If na African man he for don sell the whole land and build mansion everywhere. I will try and post some pictures from the trip.
Those of you who have been to S.A know how developed and lovely it is but I thank God for naija. I wouldn’t exchange that for being a South African at all. I mean, most of the black people are uneducated, poor and have the whole ghetto mentality. I guess that can be attributed to years of apartheid.

Man! The black race has suffered oh! I went to the apartheid museum and I was outraged. The minority white made the black man 3rd class citizens in his own land (the Indians and coloured were 2nd class) in their own country. They minority white owned about 92% of all the land in South Africa, while the coloured and blacks were left with 8%! In fact, it’s a common saying that “the white man came with their bible to our land, now we have their bible and they have our land”. In the museum, we watched the Afrikaans (white) leaders explaining apartheid to the world as “being good neighbours”. It was worse than living in the segregated south
and even more painful since this was their country. I can’t explain the images I saw at that museum but what I can say is that every one needs to visit that museum and then thank God that you were born in a country with scorching heat, pesky mosquitoes and no precious resources (remember the white man didn’t know we had oil back then). South Africa is cold and the discovery of Gold made Dutch and English men rush there in their thousands. Even though apartheid started officially in 1948 it existed in theory soon after the Dutch came in and even fought over who would control south Africa.
In fact, today there is a town called Orania in South Africa founded by children of one of the architects of apartheid where only Afrikaaner people live and no black or coloured person is allowed to live or work there. In their own opinion races should not mix and they support ideas of putting up signs such as the one on the right which is from a durban beach in 1989 it says “Under section…… this bathing beach is reserved for the sole use of the members of the white race group”. Such signs where popular all over apartheid South Africa.
Under Apartheid, the Afrikaaner Government tried to limit the education of the Black Africans to only four year of basic (poor) education. They didn’t want to empower the Africans who were more in number.
They were not allowed to live in the big cities like Jo’burg and were only given contracts to come and work for the white people for periods of one year or 18 months. During this period the Black workers were not allowed to see their families. They lived in tiny rooms, slept on shelf-like beds and were served nonsense. In fact, many domestic servants longed for the food that was given to the dogs they walked.
I thank God that F. W. De Klerk had the sense to negotiate with ANC, free Apartheid prisoners, and conduct the first proper democratic elections. Before him the blacks were not allowed to vote in a democratic setting.
The racial lines have been erased but they are still faint. It is still hard for a black man to get a job in today’s South Africa. A lot of blacks are doing well but the majority are still stuck in the apartheid mentality. I met a few who have however been able to shake off the negative mindset and are doing well in a new South Africa, as one lady I met put it “even if we spoil our country it’s ok and it’s better than being a third class citizen in your own country”.
The Nigerians there seem to be doing ok, but the drug boys have given us a bad name. When I told a cab man I was Nigerian he said “I must be careful then because you guys can steal milk out of tea”. That our reputation is bad goes without saying, so I wasn’t surprised by his comment. In fact my cousin who lives there once received a letter from a company he applied to saying “sorry, but we do not employ Nigerians”. I was however happy when a Kenyan lady I met said she loved Nigerians. “Nigerians are great, so hardworking …I just love them”.
Anyways, I am glad to be home! I have missed our stew and soups so much. When we were about to land, we were told that we may have to land in Cotonou as the Lagos airport was closed. Later we heard that it was because there was to be a presidential movement. Is that normal? In other countries, are airports closed when the Head of State is about to take off or arrive?
Have a blessed week everyone.

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  1. First? this comment moderation sef…

    I went to the apartheid museum too and came out very upset-but then i went to the theme park next door and it kinda cheered me up lol
    na wa for the nigerian rep o
    Glad you had fun…i love SA

    p.s thanks for stopping by

  2. yes your first, you know we have a few characters that leave comments so this moderation is sometimes necessary…man i wish i had been able to go to the theme park, i was so envious of the people i saw on the roller coaster. ..anyway will go next time.bye

  3. Welcome back for your trip, sounds like you had fun. Well Naija rep is the same everywhere all we can do is to try and be good examples ourselves. Remain blessed.

  4. Welcome back home! I am so happy you were able to make it to S.A…Dreams do come true, even if it is not how we expect it to happen. Looking forward to reading more of your blog…Take care

  5. Welcome back !I know you and Oga enjoyed yourselves.SA is a beautiful place.TEMPTATION NIGERIA was recorded there,so I had an all expense paid trip to jo’burg.Isn’t God wonderful?
    Thanks for all the encouragement you’ve been giving me.You are truly a proud naija wife and mother.mmmuah!mmmuah!

  6. you guys are all so sweet..thanks I really did have fun and I thank God for the opportunity.Like you said we have to work on showing people the good side on naija. Mrs somebody thanks and same to you.:)ps..has the show with you been aired yet, na wa what an awesome freebie!God is good

  7. The programme will be aired on Monday the 30th on Mnet @ 7:30pm.Immediately after idols eviction show.You can’t miss me.I’ll be the only lady amongst 2 guys and My name reads the same spelt backwards.

  8. nice post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys hear that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

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