I Got Some New Shirts!


Was pleasantly surprised recently!

Have you heard about Davida? She’s a topnotch shirt maker in naija …our very own Thomas Pink. Her shirts are however quite feminine and lovely. Let me see if she has any shirts online …hmm strange she doesn’t even seem to have a website but they look a bit like Nara Camacie shirts but much nicer.

Well, my co-wife (don’t worry my husband isn’t polygamous, it’s how I refer to my brother-in-laws wife) and her big sister wanted us to go to a Davida show. I wasn’t really keen because I knew I couldn’t afford any shirts. I mean it would be almost irresponsible in the face of so many other commitments and limited resources. I told them I would go just to look. Once we got there, I saw so many lovely shirts, that Davida sure can design and her finishing is superb!
My sisters-in-law (never know how to describe them) were busy picking. I immediately started feeling bad. I mean it’s so annoying when you see stuff you like and can’t even buy one. For some reason I called my husband and told him to pass through the venue of the show (close to my house) on his way home. “Why?” He asked.  “Just come it’s on your way”. I told my sisters-in-law I would be on my way home soon… “Chioma ah ah, the show hasn’t even started?”. “Abeg let me go attend to the kids plus it’s not like I am buying anything”. So, I decided I would just wait for my husband and leave.

When he came, I felt silly for asking him to come. It was full of women and what did I really want him to do? Go and get money so I could go on a spree? Meanwhile, we had to buy a new generator and prepare for our S.A trip. I met him outside and told him not to worry as it was a woman’s thing and I knew he was busy. I went upstairs and was looking at some shirts my friend E had picked out, when I heard her say hello to someone. Next thing I heard was my husband’s voice.
Husband: E how now, my wife has set me up oh! These shirts look nice oh
Me: Oh, I thought you had gone.
I saw him looking through his wallet
Husband: Let me see if I can buy you one… (still looking into his wallet). Oh baby sorry, I don’t have enough here
Me: Oh don’t worry I just wanted to see you (yeah right!) I am leaving soon, there will always be other shows.
Husband: I actually have some money downstairs come with me and collect it

So I went downstairs with dh and he gave me enough for 2 or 3 shirts. God you are so awesome! I mean, I would have been happy with 1 and here I was with enough for at least 2 shirts. What amazed me even more was that I didn’t even ask my husband for money.

I know some of you may be saying “please why is this girl making noise over shirts that cost ten or at most fifteen thousand?” Na una sabi oh to me it was a big deal. I went there not expecting anything, hoping for 1 shirt and left with 2! I think that’s a big deal and I praise God for it.

Later that night dh and I went out and I wore one of the shirts. I know I looked fabulous in it! All the other married guy’s left their wives at home and came with their handbags (or at least planned to leave with one). I mean, what is it with young married men these days? Even the supposedly born-again ones seem to be messing around, anyway that’s a topic for another day. You could tell some of them were like “ol boy, why you bring your wife come this place na? We no fit mess around freely” lol.
We had a great time …and came home to an empty house –the boys were with Grandma, Yipee!
*handbags = babes



Hi my name is Chiomah - I am a lawyer by day, freelance content writer by night and a mum round the clock. I love God, love my husband , love my children, love people and enjoy counselling young women (and men) on a whole range of issues. This blog is a journal of my thoughts, inspirations and experiences over the years. I write about parenting,  relationships, people, food and more. Leave a comment and thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Waffarian

    Chioma! abeg enjoy jare! no apologies for being appreciative of little things,the cost does not matter! Me, i fit dance for small small things oh! Its the meaning behind it for you that matters! me, you fit give me “hair cream”, my body go sweet me anyhow! heheheheheheh! by the way, give us the gist of “hand-bags” now!

  2. Omara

    What a super hubby you have! I went to the Davida shop in VI when I was last in Lagos and her shirts were really nice, but Kitan was acting up in the heat, so we left and I planned to return and browse leisurely some other day but never did. Maybe next time!

  3. Lady A

    Nothing to big for our God! He will give you the desires of your heart. You have a good non-selfish husband.

  4. Calabar Gal

    You go girl;!!! Rock ur shirts with style and panache!! LOL!!

  5. Nyemoni

    Abeg rock your shirts jeje… enjoy them well well, I love those little nothings and girlfriend – N10,000 shirts are a big deal! Even Thomas Pink is 25% cheaper you know 🙂 I thank God for your hubby… you are truly blessed..

  6. So Davida has improved? Her finishing was crappy at best before. I always felt it was just a matter of changing her tailors. She has however always had good designs. In that regard she has been consistent.

    Awww, that was so nice of your DH. Rock your shirts well o!

  7. opec59

    Thanks girls..I was really thrilled to get them,it small things like this that remind me i have a good man..@imham-yep her finishing has improved a great deal.@waffarian- I am working on that post. God bless

  8. lol
    i can see u dancing for the shirts..
    abeg enjoy… be grateful .. 10k is not easy …..
    i gave a praise dance the other day for ‘mark and spencer 10 pound shoe’..flat brown shoe..lol

    i am not coming to naija till october or dec…. God dey…
    will be heading back to ny this weekend…

  9. Mrs Somebody

    I join you here in appreciating your husband.Oga thank you for buying us Davida ‘new romantics’ Shirts-o.
    I went to Davida’s shop once and saw so many lovely shirts and I tried some.Sad to say that there was no size that could fit Mrs Somebody.But those shirts were sweet!!!Very lovely.

  10. Mr.Fineboy

    Your husband is the man. Tell him to give himself one “honorary knuckle” from Fineboy! Correct guy!

  11. opec59

    @msmt–lol..ok see you when you come!
    @mrs somebody..thank you oh, he will hear!but i hear davida sometimes takes measurements and makes shirts when u dont see what u want.anyway we are working on shedding those extra pounds so u can pick up stuff in any shop!
    @Mr fineboy-thanks for visiting, he will hear.

  12. Anonymous

    could u pls help me with davida address so I can go pick my own shirt too?

  13. Anonymous

    Davida it’s been long i heard from you am glad i found you on the web,well i hope to start patronising you when am done with my service:loaded with enough cash.BON COURAGE.
    chioma na ur time do shakara

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