The Conclusion (Part 3)


Asma’u’s mouth hung open, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It just wasn’t possible.

Asma’u— “sssir… my mum told me…”
Tunde— “your mum lied. I don’t blame her you know, and that’s why I have always played along. I myself didn’t know until I meet you some years ago. One look at you and I knew you were not my child. You have met my children, haven’t you? They all have the characteristic Aina features, you on the other hand neither look like me or anyone in your mums family, look how fair you are?”

He continued, “Look my dear, I know this must be a great shock, just relax. The day after I met you, I called your mum and told her my suspicions. At first she denied it, but Aisha has never been a good liar. I told her to tell you the truth, but she said it was none of my business and that was the last time we spoke till this whole wedding business came up. I am sorry but you deserve to know the truth. You are a lovely girl and I wish you and your fiance the best.”

Asma’u was devastated. She cried and ran out of Tunde’s office. It took her a while to relax and tell Tobore what she had just learnt. He too was in shock but promised to stand with her and find her real dad.

When they returned to Sapele, she confronted her mum.

Asma’u— Mummy how could you deceive me all these years? Who is my father?
Aisha— Haba no greeting? what kind of question is that?
Asma’u— Mummy you know what I mean. I have just returned from Abuja and Tunde told me he is not my father, and I believe him. Mummy I demand the truth now!
Aisha— Please calm down. I have told you that Tunde is irresponsible, why did you go to see him? Please just calm down.
Asma’u— Mummy if you ask me to calm down one my time I will really get mad. Now I want the truth.

Aisha was faced with what she feared the most, she knew it was confession time. Asma’u was very understanding and told her mum how much she loved her and asked why she had hid the truth all these years. Aisha had heard from an old friend that John was a police man in Warri… so close! Asma’u and Tobo went to Warri the very next day, it wasn’t hard to find him as he was quite popular at the police barracks in Effurun,Warri.

As soon as he saw Asma’u and she introduced herself as Aisha Sadah’s daughter, he embraced her.

John–Nne I have prayed for this day, how is your mother?
Asma’u— You mean you have always known about me?
John–Yes my daughter, when your mother insisted on going back to her husband I gave up. But I always prayed that one day I would see you again…. Tochi! Ebele! come and meet someone.
This is your big sister that I always told you about… eh Nne, what’s your name again? Assma..? Ehhh anyway I have always prayed for you with the name I gave you, Onyinye.

Asma’u introduced Tobore to her father. She was pleasantly surprised at her father’s warmness. In no time he had phoned a few of his relatives in town and bought drinks to celebrate “Onyinye”.

John was a widower and was raising his two daughters with the help of his unmarried sister. He told them that though he was a struggling officer he had no problem performing the wedding rites for his daughter. He urged them to spend the night in his small apartment but the politely refused, Asma’u couldn’t wait to break the happy news, so they went straight to Tobo’s house.

Tobore’ s mum– “Ehyah very touching… so what exactly does this your real father do? …ok Police? He must be a high ranking officer after all these years. Ah! Just a —–na wa. And you say he is from where? Ok, haven’t heard that name before. Anyway, welcome my daughter eh.. welcome. Let me go and rest inside. Eh Tobo make I see you inside”

Once inside Tobo’s mum told her dear son to drop Asma’u quick “Abeg which kain disgrace be dis after I don tell everyone you dey marry Deputy Speaker pikin! please the girl know say her papa na police officer, she just dey pretend. Na only fine she fine. In fact, that girl fit get mammy water spirit, see as her as hair long like oyibo. You know you’re my only son I no fit deceive you”.

Unfortunately, Tobore was a mamas boy and Asma’u immediately noticed he was behaving funny. A few days later, things took a drastic turn.

Tobore— Baby girl, you know I care about you. In fact, you mean the world to me but we have to postpone the wedding.
Asma’u— postpone again? Honey, you know we have postponed it once already it’s better we just stick with this new date and get on with our lives.
Tobore— Baby… Okay, let me just say it like this. I can’t marry you again… It’s too complicated. I mean, we can still be friends and all, but your family is too dysfunctional and my parents are scared it may affect our future. Please, don’t cry baby, it’s for the best just try and understand.

The end

Okay guys, Asma’u’s breakup with Tobore made her sink into depression and she wasn’t herself for years. Thank God she eventually met a wonderful born again man who counselled her and they are now happily married with children.

Abeg, you guys should excuse all my mistakes, as I am not much of a writer.

Now, let me digress aren’t you all happy that TIMI won Idols West Africa. I know I am. I wish you all the best.


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  1. @in my head–its unfortunate that alot of Nigerians don’t love unconditionally, he probably liked her for the wrong reasons. however we have some exceptions ..Thank God
    @msmt–ok I will write on NMA once I can get some pictuires to wasn’t bad.

  2. nice story! and I like how it ended…shows that God is watching from above and everything is working out for the good of those who love him. Only God knows wat would have happened if Tobore and Asma’u got married.
    God dey!!!!

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