Lol! Still laughing at Omara’s comment about “all the intense people”… anyway, my husband attended a meeting with the intense people while in SA.

I haven’t been well, so wasn’t able to post anything for a while. I had this gigantic boil sitting above my lip. It was grotesque, and I looked like one of the witches from Macbeth. It made half of my lip swell up and just as the swelling on my lip started going down, my left nostril started expanding, only to discover another boil there!

Through my ordeal one thing that touched me was how my kids ignored how awful I looked and loved me still. Meanwhile, the first time my husband saw my lip he looked at me “one kain” and said ” whats wrong with your face?”

Don’t mind me he was actually nice, though he insisted on inflicting pain by making an incision and forcefully pressing the boil..”no pain no gain”. Anyway, glad that is all over.


My mum’s sister said she wants to take Lois to live with her, so I am glad she wont be left in the village. I was however a bit pissed off when she told my mum that she doesn’t want to wait for her dads burial (this Thursday) because if she stays it will reduce her chances of coming back to live with her. God just give that girl some good sense, anyway I trust My aunty Ngozi; she’s a tough old lady and will force good sense into her. Like Omara said, the kids are forgetting about her already and since she will be with family we will always see her.

I wish I knew what has happened to that magun couple. I hope man and wife are able to reconcile and put the ugly incident behind them.

The Elections have come and gone with talks about rigging, no voting e.t.c. One thing however that makes me smile is the fact that Dr. Mrs Ali did not become a Senator. Why does it make me smile? Well because here is a woman with no political structure or experience and just because her husband is PDP Chairman, she decided she must become a Senator. Her husband made sure she emerged the party candidate when she didn’t even appear at the primaries, and people had already started addressing her as Madam Senator, but thankfully she didn’t win the elections.

Okay, let me do some work. Have a blessed week everyone.

PS. what’s your take about the whole AKON/Dinah saga? I feel sorry for the girl, she probably enjoyed it and felt embarrassed after seeing herself online. Poor girl, I hope other young girls will learn from her experience.


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  1. Yeah rread it all now…Its good for Lois that your mums sis is taking her in… It’s good that a more elderly woman will have her under her care…sorry about the boil.. I have them in the worst places like in my ear! yeah, thank God Mrs. Ali didn’t win… Madam Senator indeed!… hiss!

  2. Eeh yah! sorry to read abt what happened…I kain hate dat boil matter. it just suddenly pops up in some weird part of one’s body…Well, ur husband did d right thing (old fashion but ok)…And I am sure you are looking prettier as ever…
    Welcome back…

  3. Glad all is well. As far as the boil, I had one on the side of my face as the size of a golf ball. Someone told me to put tomato paste on the boil and low and behold, it brought the boil to a head and you know the rest.

  4. @nyemoni- thanks great to be blogging again.exactly mama ada(my aunt) is quite strict and will be able to handle her well.I will continue to help her the best i can.
    @9ja opeke- thanks you my dear!
    @lady a- hmm thats a new one ..tomato paste!
    @an igbo dude- are u serious..nna that face was bad enough i couldnt go anywhere!
    @2plus2- akon dirty danced with underaged dinah at a club.The guy has been getting alot of heat for it.
    @msmt- yes I am ready for her oh! just send me your measurements

  5. Glad the boil has gone, my dear. Children are wonderful, we can really learn a lot from them. Mrs Ali must still be shocked, she thought she had it in the bag. Well, just goes to show that all the wuruwuru in the world cannot change what God has decreed.

  6. yay for updates. I saw a recent picture and no sign of any boils or you’re pupported weight gain. You looked beautiful as always; maybe the camera got a good angle? or perhaps Im just as innocent and sweet as ur kids and see only inner beauty (yeah riiiight) :).

  7. Hi…welcome back- been following your blog (interesting). Thank God the boil is gone..i can imagine how uncomfortable you felt. Hope you didnt have to go to work with the boil o.
    Your children are so cool 🙂 If only we could all be like kids.

  8. @nanya- look that picture well well lol.i weigh about 80kg now.. I guess it was a good picture plus the only reason i showed up at that wedding was because all the swelling had gone. see you soon
    @aloted-thankfully i didnt have to go to work, thats the good thing about civil service…theres not much going on so you dont feel to bad when you have to call in sick. Thanks, my kids are cool, though they can harass me atimes we thank God!

  9. I was unable to post comments in the above post – Urghh!! so I am doing it here, hoping you get to read it. No one can run your business better than you can. If it is your dream, then you will have to nuture it yourself. Tailor will come and go but you will always remain with your business and your dreams. You are so right about doing what you enjoy doing…I will surely keep that in mind whenever I want to do something or make a decision. Thanks Chioma for the above post. Have a wonderful week.

  10. hello chioma,
    I read about the akon thing.
    What do i think:
    a) girlfriend should not have been there
    b)girlfriend enjoyed herself
    c)akon did not do anything wrong. He was doing what was normative in a club setting.
    d)if girlfriend did not want the “gain” of having akon grinding on her, she should not have climbed up that stage. She took a risk, she lost…she should keep it moving.

    Okay, i should not be laughing about the boil but trust significant others to be very frank…

  11. comment on the ‘urghh’ post: It really must not be easy doing something you don’t enjoy. You’re still young, thankfully, and it’s good that you are exploring your options. Keep exploring and praying, and take a leap of faith when you know the time is right, you’re a super-talented girl and I have no doubt that this frustration won’t be for too long.

  12. About the Urgh Post – go back to the post. While you are in ‘Edit’ mode, go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Post Options’. This is where you can change date, time, allow comments, hide comments and backlinks etc. Then you’ll see the allow comments and dont allow comments thingy there. You must have clicked it by mistake or something. You can change the settings there.

  13. Comment on ‘urgh’ post:
    I sense you’ve had it with ur govt job. Hun, I think if u dont get any fulfillment from it, quit it jo. At least you have ur fashion designing career to fall back on, besides, that’s a thriving industry in nigeria now, i know u’ll do well. Also try and see if you can cut ur hours at the govt job, maybe bcome a part time worker or look for something else that’s flexible so as to accommodate tailoring and family. Above all tho, make sure you pray about it cos God’s direction is always better than man’s. Favoured girl is also going thru something similar, u shld checl out her blog. I wish you all the best eh, i never comment but i always read and i felt u really needed suggestions. it is well. later!

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