Baby Makes Five!


Hello people… Lady A I have missed you too! I’ve missed all my blog people!
Now that I am resigning, it means I will blog a little less until my husband gets our home internet installed. I am still at work because it’s one months notice or forfeit one months pay. I feel really flattered because all my ogas have called me to ask why I am leaving. One of them said it was a bombshell and that they were not happy because I had added some class to the establishment (civil service can be dreary). The way they went on and on, you could tell that they wished there was something they could do to make me stay.
Anyway, I thank God. Mumsy isn’t happy about my decision (she doesn’t know the deeds been done already) but I know it’s for the best… especially with a new baby on the way : )

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  1. am i first??? ur preggers??? yay!!! im happy for you, see, ull get all the time u need to ease into pregnancy, im truly happy for ya! God is too much! have a blessed one. oh…good to have u back, its abt time! hehehe

  2. nyemoni..just reread your comment lol!.
    imh&am.. so do I! thanks
    omara.. great to hear from you.God is good indeed..please send me your number, I will definetely look you up, would love to me kitan especially.
    zioner, uknaija,naijababe…everyone thanks and have a great day.

  3. hey ya..always nice to see new people leave comments thanks aivy and 36..however why do you think baby wa conceived during leave.. Anway time will tell.. bye

  4. WHAT!?!!?!?!?!
    OMG! Congrats to you and your family. This is wonderful. I wouldn’t be surpise if it’s a girl. How far along are you? I know you will keep us updated. God bless you and the family.

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