Friends Are Hard To Find!

I can be really emotional and needy.

I remember coming home as a child and crying to my mum “No one loves me mummy”.

Over the years, through the knowledge of Christ, I have become much less needy but I still yearn for earthly friendships.

Of course my best friends are in my immediate family, but apart from them I often ask myself who really are my friends. It’s funny because people who “know” me will swear I have tons of friends, as I seem to know everyone, but knowing people and having friends are two different things.

My seeming lack of friends was even more apparent after I had my baby; apart from family I didn’t have too many other people around me (until days later). For me, when friends have babies I try to see them in the same week but some people who I regard as friends saw baby for the first time on Sunday after 8 weeks -at her dedication. Maybe I expect too much.

The other day, it was the birthday of a dear friend of mine (one of the few). We (her friends) decided to have a surprise birthday and baby shower for her. It was really nice; two friends brought lovely cakes and we all brought food. She cried and was so moved. I thought to myself: who would think of having a party for me outside my immediate family? No one (well except A & T). I was so sad and a bit jealous until I heard the toast given by one of the friends “To H who has been a wonderful friend to us all”…

Eureka! you can only attract good friends by being a good friend yourself.
The truth is that I know I am a very good friend, but God was telling me to be better only then will I attract the right friends.

14 thoughts on “Friends Are Hard To Find!

  1. at least u have ur family…
    some people dont have any …
    i thank God for my family and friends…

    hope to see u soon… i am still coming before easter by God’s grace… dont panic..i have a place to stay in abuja…lol

  2. thanks aloted..she is doing wonderful! such a peaceful child. solomonsydelle and aloted i hear u oh having a few good friends..very true..The problem is I dont even have those few..just have lots of “friends” but have no depth in the friendship..The bible says there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother…my sisters I am yet to see that friend.
    Have a good one!
    ps`solsydelle how did u get your older boys keep away from your longest, they mean well but worried they may hurt her..

  3. there r times we doubt if we really have friends, but something happens and u will be surprised how people actually care. Like u said, the most important thing is to be a good friend. But nothing can place the place of a good family.

  4. afrobabe,,yep its important to be best friends with your siblings,,,breaks my heart when i see siblings that aint close.

    uzezi..true nothing like family..

  5. it’s never about much friends u have but the quality of the ones u got! if u have ONE awesome friend, that’s usually more than enuff…

    hwz the baby?

  6. Ah. I used to ask myself that question as I spent loads of years without deep meaningful friendships.

    I know now that I was not in the right season and even more assured not that I am in the right season for real friends. The kind that will grow old with me. Your season will come, we are being prepared for it everyday.

  7. I dont have many friends but lots of acquitances but the few good old friends are better than hundreds.I just discovered that i prefer my friends from way back and we have been there for one another and distance matter not to us.

  8. Wow, I love that. It just goes to show, no matter where we came from, we all have the same issues. I too ask who are my real friends, I too ask myself am I asking too much from them, cuz I know I will bend over backwards for them, etc… That toast knocked the ball out the park! Thanks cuz it encourage me to continue to be who I am.

  9. well i understand were a lot of the comments are coming from……. yes the quality of friends is important, but what happends when your a good friend and all you get bad is back stabin? Dont you feel bad….. I’m always doing things for my friends and their birthdays or when they are getting married , or having children…. Just seems like no1 does anything for me…. i mean i dont do things so they would do anything for me, but it would be nice if someone did something for me once…..
    Any how i am so proud that you are a good friend keep it up and the rest….. Take care God bless. xoxox

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