Abeg make una come help me oh!

Solomonsydelle, how do you do it?

It’s not easy with 3 small kids -even with a help!

This morning I was in my room with my kids while their nanny was with the baby (or so I thought) next thing, my almost 3 year old leaves my room and comes back in with what looks like powder on his face “Mummy I put powder”. I smiled at him and wondered to myself how he had gotten hold of the powder as I had tried to put it beyond his reach. Next thing I hear is the nanny is screaming…

Well, the baby had fallen asleep so she put her in the crib and went to do something else. My son then went in, got the Persil detergent all over the room and all over my babies face. Luckily she didn’t wake up so I just cleaned her face and gave my son a stern warning not to play with detergent again. I guess I was careless leaving the Persil in her room and my son probably thought he was only putting powder on his sisters face.

The boys love their sister but they don’t realise they have to handle her with care. My 4 year old is more careful but my almost 3 year old: he prods her, kisses her non stop, has bitten her once (spanked him! so he hasn’t tried it again) squeezes her (in the name of hugs), and two days ago I caught him putting a pillow on her face!

Help me Lord!

I guess we just have to be more watchful.

God bless.


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  1. Pillow over her face… AH!!!

    Don’t take anything for granted Chioma, the children must never be left on their own. Easier said than done but if you make that your overriding motto – for you and the nanny – God will make a way.

  2. I am sure he just wanted to make his sister prettier but you and I know she is already so pretty. Pele. You have eyes at the back of your head. How is the sleeping at night. Hmm. I only have one and keep changing my mind all the time.

  3. aba boy- u will cope somehow..but it will be crazy!

    omara- the scary thing was that I was`in the room with them that day..God help me!

    mamalopes- waking up at night is just once to eat..and thats not bad..shes a very peaceful child..sometimes she doesnt wake up till like 6am.

  4. Am I the only one in blogville not to have said Congratulations? Well, congratulations. I promise I left a comment. I don’t know what blogger did with it.

    Lol! at wanting to love his sister to death. You really can not watch children 24/7. You’ll get by.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog….I hope your sister–in-law lasts….sadly, when PROM happens later in the pregnancy it’s much more common to go into labor quicker than I did when my water broke at 17 weeks. Heaven forbid she delivers soon, I run a support group for preemies born weighing under 2 pounds….

  6. lol
    You just need to be extra careful.

    I recall a story i heard that the boy peed on his baby sister just because he is no longer the centre of attention

    Kids do and say the damnest things.

  7. Congrats,you finally got a girl.Please watch over your boys well o,they can do funny things in the name of play.Come and ask me how i cope with my 4 though they are a little grown up but thank God for kids.

  8. Thank God she wasn’t hurt…children can be so overzealous! I’ve heard a story where a child helped their parent ‘wash’ their mobile phone…even with the best intentions their actions seem so awry….but we still love them cos they’re so precious!

  9. nyemoni lol..wash their phone..sounds like something my youngest son can do.hows baby in the belly?
    nijawife will need ur advice oh!
    darklecee–they sure do!

  10. Kids…………u cant watch them ALL the tyme-u can only try

    When my brothers were 6 and 1
    they were playing hide and seek
    the younger one got lost in the duvet………

    he shouted after he couldn’t get him out-mum came out from her room……..
    she got frantic and had to get a scissors…………
    wasnt funny ooooooooooooo

    they were only playing-we can only try

    Kids will be kids

  11. Eh ya bless his heart trying to make her sis pweety. Please warn your nanny never to leave any of the boys with her alone. Same with yourselves…sure you will get by.

  12. Wow, Chioma. To say you’ve got your hands full is an understatement. Don’t worry, even though you can’t be everywhere at all times, your precious little girl will be just fine. Continue teaching your boys to be more careful with their little sister and they’ll learn. Take care.

  13. I was just thinking about you and thought I should swing by only to see my name in the first sentence and think “Wetin happen?”

    lol! Kids are just incredible. That boy was ‘prettifying’ his sister, nah! hahahaha. He will never look at detergent the same way after the warning you gave, I’m sure.

    As for putting the pillow on your daughter’s face, that’s his way of showing ‘naughty big brother’ attention. TK likes to step on his baby brother all the time. Bomboy just laughs. No worries my sista, everyone just needs to keep an eye out oh and put your 4 year old in charge, I am sure he will deal with any errant behavior. lol!

    Take care and is that lady letting you sleep?

  14. Congratulations dear! long time. How are you? I am sure you are still enjoying your pretty baby. Thank God. As solomonsydelle said, you just have to be extra careful. Boys can be a bit rough with babies even though they mean well.

    I know of two brothers that put their baby sister in the freezer!!!!! (those big square ones they have in Nigeria)Luckily, their mum found her in time,the boys were playing, put her in and just forgot and kept on with their games. Imagine!

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