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Something I have never been able to understand is why Mo Abudu airs her show only on Mnet (well until now). NTA has started airing episode’s of her show ‘Moments With Mo’ and I am looking forward to seeing it.

Some people say she’s an Oprah wannabe while others say she has her own style and is doing a great job. Whatever the case maybe, I look forward to watching the show. I never quite understood why it was only aired on cable; even Oprah started on her local Chicago stations.

Talking about shows, one show I enjoy watching is Funmi Iyanda’s show. The lady has been able to showcase everyday heroes among everyday people as well as celebrities. Aunty Funmi, abeg look for the lady that was on Newsline last night; I can’t remember her name, but all I know is that she’s a housewife who is currently putting 68 children through school. These children are complete strangers to her. Just looking at her you can tell she is not married to a very wealthy man, but from her allowance she is touching lives. People like her should be celebrated.

On a final note my 4 year old told me I would have to have another baby girl.

“Why?” I asked

Well, he said he and his brother always fight over their sister so I should just leave this baby for him and have another girl, that way they wont have to fight over who can carry her or play with her!



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  1. hmmmm kids

    what can we do without them?

    my nephew told his mother to give birth to a girl for him as his sister sometimes make him mad. He also specified that he doesnt want a baby but a 3 year old girl. abeg where we fit get that?

    i’ve seen the show a couple of times and i enjoyed it thoroughly. didnt know it wasnt aired on local station. hmmm na levels now abi?

    kiss your son for me ok?

  2. oh yes Moments is on NTA now o, showing 6pm every Sunday..and willstart airing on Silverbird TV at 1pm on Saturdays…i work with her so i know and honest she has her own style and what she is doing is laudable

    Meanwhile please tell me more about this woman, i didn’t get to watch Newsline on Saturday, that woman is a hero, would like her contact, you know how i can contact her?

    And your son is so funny! lol

  3. Btw, do you know anyone who used to be a member of Reverend King’s church and left? I’m doing a feature on him and would need contacts of such people, thanks!

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