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3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
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This meme is about any particular mannerism you have, okay?

As a child my sister (the one after me) and I had this secret language we would speak gibberish and then add in some things that made sense. Our younger sister always felt left out and begged us to teach her the language.

The same sister and I also had what we called “our collection”. It was a collection of quirky stuff such as silly lines from movies and stuff that just made us laugh. We would recite them and laugh and laugh!

I play with my children like a child! Please tell me I am not the only one that does that. I dance for them and generally clown around in fact, as a child I dreamt of becoming one of those adults on sesame street. Maybe I should think about becoming a clown for children’s parties!

I remember everybody! I mean it’s kind of embarrassing because most of the people can’t even remember me and I remember them so well. Nowadays, I have learned not to make the first move of recognition.

I am really shy. It’s really funny because it’s not so obvious, but I am really shy. I can’t dance in public or even go forward for thanksgiving in church without feeling like all eyes are on me. I also can’t dance. Lessons anyone?

I daydreamed a lot. It’s in the past tense (kinda) because I am working on stopping as my day dreams were becoming something else and the devil was using that to mess with me. As a child I would sit in class oblivious to what my teacher was saying and go on some imaginary voyage. My teacher would say “ wake up Chioma, Miss Day Dreamer”

I open my mouth a lot! I remember this day I left the door open and my dad scolded me. I told him I had closed the door and he replied “Indeed, just like you always close your mouth” LOL!
That was harder to come up with than I thought.
I tag solomonsydelle, daddy’s girl, msmt, calabar girl, gbemi, light her lamp.


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  1. You remember everybody? Oh, my… I need you to come with me then because i remember nobody. lol!

    And did I just see my name as a tagee? Obviously, you didn’t read this.


    How are the kids and your hubby?

  2. lol. Im laughing for many reasons. Interesting you mentioned how daydreaming can be dangerous. Have you read the battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer? Its kinda crazy but thoughts are really powerful (words as well). Something Ive become more and more aware of and hope that more people understand.

  3. I am first, I am first. This has never happened b4. I beat Afrobabe, LG and others nice nice …………

    I remember faces too. I day dream too. I once saw mi-self as a very rich influential girl when i was much younger

    Dont have kids yet but hubby and I play like kids (lol)

  4. abegi they are ur kids….its good that u can play with them like u are one of them….

    i still daydream but i restrict it ot when i am in bed…..

    i am very bad with faces..

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