Breastfeeding Is Best!


Okay, I know that sounds a bit corny but I am so passionate about mums breastfeeding.

Check out and let me know what you think.

On my website I want to help mothers who want to breastfeed but have problems doing so. I also aim to dispel myths about breastfeeding such as:

“you can’t breastfeed when pregnant”

“you can’t get pregnant when breastfeeding exclusively” (I did!), and

“kids who aren’t breastfed are olodos” (hmm… I wonder how I got through Law School) LOL!

Anyway, feel free to visit my site and ask any questions.

I am currently studying to be a Lactation Consultant and can also help with any questions concerning when babies start eating solids and all of that.

God bless!


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  1. We agree BREAST IS BEST but some babies don’t just ‘latch’on. Like some people don’t and won’t eat certain foods! I breastfed my daughter for almost a year but some people i know desperately tried and their kids just wouldn’t breastfeed. I saw my best friend so depressed. Why?

    In a world of so much depression and demands on females can’t we give mums a break?

    Let’s not be ignorant. This kind of discussion is the same as people saying women should try to avoid divorce or women over the age of 30 are on the shelf LOL!

  2. I usually don’t publish anon comments but I find yours really interesting.

    “In a world of so much depression and demands on females can’t we give mums a break?”

    hmm thats exactly what i want to do give mums a break by helping people who have problems breastfeeding not criticise them.

    Its unfortunate that she got depressed, she probably had people around her making her feel bad for something that was not her fault rather than helping her.

    I almost didnt breastfeed as I have inverted nipples and my son couldn’t latch on, but I had a lovely lady who helped me and I was able to breastfeed him succesfully for 16months.

    I feel bad that you would use words such as “ignorant” cus that is so judgemental.I have done so much research just to help people who choose to breastfeed, rather than judge people that dont or can’t breastfeed.

    I really can’t understand how you would equate breastfeeding with divorce or anything else..don’t u think ur being a tad dramatic?

  3. Madam Anon, you should try to read things properly before responding. Your comment makes no sense in the context of the post. I mean, duh, what Chioma is trying to do is support mums and dispel myths, there is absolutely nothing condemnatory in her post. I really applaud Chioma for responding so calmly because I would’ve just told you to buzz off and take your beef to more appropriate quarters. Don’t just ‘misyarn’ anyhow, it ain’t cool. Sorry but just had to say that.

  4. I also belong to the OLD school (now NEW school) of thought that BREAST FEEDING IS THE BEST any Mother can give her child (children). Thanks to the exclusive breast milk awareness, most mothers today are already reaping the benefits of breast feeding their children – smarter kids; immune to all sorts of childhood sickness etc.

    Madam anonymous, come out of your shell and get some real counselling.

  5. Indeed, breastfeeding is best!! I applaud your effort to help new moms (and indeed all moms) overcome the challenges that they may face to breastfeeding. Only a very small percentage of women cannot breastfeed at all. I encourage mothers–even if you cannot exclusively breastfeed, whatever you can do is a precious gift to your child! Formula will do but it is not the same as breastmilk. Ever few years, there is a “breakthrough” discovering some component of breastmilk that they scurry to put into the formula. And you’re right . . . the best way to get that breastmilk to babies is encourage and *help* mothers with correct information. Anyway . . . good work sister!! Keep it up.

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