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I just read this yesterday in The Guardian and it broke my heart.

Another reason why parents shouldn’t fight or argue in front of the kids no matter their age. This is so tragic… read on:

Quarrelling Parents Stab Baby To Death.

The Guardian learnt that the scream of the baby attracted residents and on getting to the scene they met the young baby in the pool of her blood while the parents watched helplessly.

…Sources said the parents were allegedly fighting and one of them attempted to stab the other with a knife only to wound the one month old baby girl.

Eyewitness told the Guardian that the parents were weeping when detectives came to arrest them.

You know I really feel so sorry for the parents, because I know they didn’t intend to hurt their baby, but whenever parents have issues the children are hurt whether physically or emotionally.

I know it’s not easy, but every day I am learning to avoid confrontations with my husband. Sometimes I just want to kick him 🙂  but is it worth having my kids have a mental picture of their mum and dad fighting or trading insults?

I heard of a couple where the wife started keeping a weapon under her bed to defend herself from her husband’s violence. If it gets to that point a separation is better to avoid irreparable damage.

God help us.


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  1. I’m the anon who made the breastfeeding comment. I wasn’t aiming it at you in the way my comment came across. I apologise and i’m happy that you are finding ways to help women with breastfeeding.

    My experience of friends being made to feel bad because they didn’t manage to breastfeed has made me question some things that’s all. Even in the UK here, it’s as if they are bad mums for not breastfeeding.

    The comparison i made was to illustrate that it is not necessarilly the choice or fault of a mum if they don’t breastfeed.

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