So You Think You Can Dance!


Abeg make una come help me oh!

My son hardly ever gets picked at dancing competitions at birthday parties. Whenever it’s time to dance he is always taken out early, I must admit though: the boy no too sabi dance! I honestly wish those silly party clowns would be a little nicer. Sometimes they make silly comments like “why you dey dance like say you wan go toilet”. I usually try and laugh over such things with him, but at times you can tell that he is hurt.

He and a little girl danced at a party today and my boy did try his best but at the end, the parents shouted for both kids to be removed -even parents sef are quite insensitive!

I wasn’t a very confident child and I want my boy to grow up very confident. What do i do? Allow him continue loosing dancing competitions or teach him how to dance?

Talking about dancing, do you see how some little girls dance at parties? Na wa o! If my pikin try those over sexy lewd steps, I go draw the pikin ear o.

Also Nigerians can’t keep their comments to themselves. I have a big nose, some people will say it’s pointed but I just call it big. Anyhow my baby girl has her dads small nose come and see comments from complete strangers ” hello baby! e be like see this pikin resemble im papa.. eh baby why u no carry ur mama fine pointed nose?” LOL! Abeg make una leave my pikin oh!

Ps. I jus dey for the pidgin english mood as I spent alot of time today with my waffy


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  1. You chid sure needs to be confidence. Ps do not stop him from dancing except he requests for u to do so and at that find out why and let him understand he is better at other things. But if you want him to know how to dance, why not, teach him.

  2. Teach him! Encourage him by telling him that he should just move his body to the beat! Dance with him whenever you are free… it will go a long way to boost his self confident. Try it.

    Talking about how young girls dance… they always amaze me (my daughter inclusive!)

  3. ol girl this post was too funny!

    I read your post to my mom who suggested that you teach your son to dance. I beg to differ, I believe that it is more important to teach your son to keep things in perspective. If he isn’t the best dancer its fine. That will not be the only thing that he might not excel at. What is important is for him to learn to ignore naysayers. I am sure that he will be criticized for many things over the course of his life, but he can never allow those critics to get the better of him because he is excellently made.

    I know, long comment, but it is just my opinion.

    As for Nigerians and their inability to distinguish what is inappropriate to say, it never surprises me what some people will say to your face. If people could only take a second to think about the possible effect that their comment would make, it could be such a better world, in my opinion. It took me a while, I will admit to learn that little truth. But, I thank God for the change and hope the same for many others – Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike. =)

    Alright my sista, my mom wants me to read some more funny posts to her, so the hunt begins. Any suggestions? And make sure you go to There are some great stories there and mine debuts on Wednesday the 11th.

    God bless.

  4. ladies u know the funniest thing? me sef i no sabi dance!
    Anyhow will do both i.e. try n teach but let him know that he may not be a great dancer but will excell in other things.

    meanwhile daddysgirlandlovingit.blogspot has this hilarious post on what some people wrongly do in church. solomonsydelle hail ur mama for me.

  5. buhahahaha@”why u dey dance as if u wan go toilet” abegi nor mind dem, na bad belle jare, but ur son can surely dance “do me” abi? dat one is eazy o, lol!!!

    *howz d family,ehen so u get big/pointed nose, make i c am!!, lol!!!!

  6. the lewd dance by little girls freaks me out EVERTYME…and they are so freaaking good at it…

    now u really need to teach ur kid to dance…….get him those thriller cds………
    the laurels my younger brother won mimicing Wacko jacko…………

  7. Please teach him how to dance o! I didn’t learn now I can’t move on the dance floor. lol. But don’t worry if he doesn’t learn cos I never did but my confidence is great.

    About the little girls that dance at parties, na wa o!

  8. LOL.. very funny post, you are just too funny Chioma. Abeg leave your son make im dance jare, he will learn to ignore the naysayers in time, just always encourage him to enjoy himself and not mind what people say – e no easy sha but na life lesson be dat (see, you’ve infected me with the pidgin bug!)

  9. Hmmm…it’s a situation that needs wise judgement. My thinking is this, teach your son to dance but don’t force him, he might never be a godo dancer…if he doesn’t learn it, let him continue to dance at parties and keep his head up no matter if he gets booted…it’s not as easy i know but he will not always get everything right in life and he has to learn that…people make mistakes, fall and get up!

    And as for people and what they say. Guess most people around here are insensitive

    It is well!

  10. teach ur son. But then again, are u going to teach him everything? Make it fun sha. just stand in front of the tv or radio, and dance with him. Bonding time, mommy and son.

    Your thing to ur son should be that we might not always be the best at everything, but we should always give out best.

    Dont know if my advice is sound, i dont have kids. lol.

  11. This post touched something in me because for a long time I fought with low self esteem; from childhood to adulthood.
    In my opinion, your child can only learn confidence from YOU. people will say all sorts of things to him in life, the way you react to them, and the impression of himself that he sees reflected in your words and actions, are what will tide him through.

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