Its so sad yet so funny that when PHCN gives us power my 3yr old screams NEPA!! just like I did decades ago. I also find it funny then when the gen comes on he screams GENERATOR!! talk about giving credit to the right source..

I have been wanting to write something about NEPA and the sorry power situation in our nation for a while, but each time I thought about it I grew weak. I mean it defies all logic, especially since we have had UNINTERRUPTED power supply for the last 3 days!!!
Why do we have to praise God and shout hallelujah each time we come home and see light?
If we have light now (God I thank you!!) why can’t we have it like this all the time?

I feel that some of our leaders are just so greedy and insincere, because they could have solved this power thing by now (***In retrosepect I now know its more complicated). God please touch their hearts !! (amen) I was talking to my neighbour about how stable our power had been in the last 3 days and he hushed me saying ” they may hear and remember, just keep quiet”

As I was saying some of our leaders are so greedy, once they get into power they forget what they are there for and go on a stealing frenzy. I read an interview my Eunice Egwu the wife of the former Governor of Ebonyi and this part struck me

” There is a force that controls the seat of power, and it has to be controlled either way, negatively or positively. You could have a very good vision for your state or country… but the moment you enter these powers would come up and start playing its role…if you do not hold on (to) God … definitely you will derail. The same people you are trying to better their life will pull your projects down”

Hmm, Some Nigerians are saboteurs as this power thing is a problem created by some wicked, evil and greedy Nigerians..for as long as the power problem continues some men and women will be making billions at the expense of their fellow countrymen. The Lebanese generator importers have never had it so good!! If indeed we had a genuine power problem then we should be manufacturing state of the art gen sets here in Naija.(sigh)

As long as our refineries don’t function these evil people continue to smile to the bank.God you will judge all these people who are enriching themselves while people suffer.

Nigeria can not even produce enough rice to feed half of its citizenry and yet some leaders are stuffing their pockets with ill gotten wealth. When my father was in Public service he took it as a duty to serve his fellow man, today most people in public service are just “chopping” the public wealth with reckless abandon.

Government schools have been on strike for weeks, my 13 yr old niece sits at home dejected while my kids go to school, how can she be happy? Everyday she asks me ” Mummy have they called off the strike?”. Meanwhile nobody cares the Government had refused to even discuss with the striking teachers as if they are rebels without a cause.

Abeg!  let me not even start talking about how the local manufacturer is being daily frustrated. I read an interview of an Igbo industrialist a few years back and he was asked to advice people who wanted to go into manufacturing, and he said ” don’t go into it, they will frustrate you! I regret getting into it, my mates that are into importation make much more than I do”

Please take out time today to pray for our country..Its our COUNTRY, no matter where you live, where you were born or when last you came home, you can not erase the fact that you are NIGERIAN.

*** 8 years after I wrote this post our electricity sector is in a sorry state!



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  1. aloted

    one day one day e go better!!!!

  2. Writefreak

    *sighs* yes i agree we need to pray. too many wicked people in this our country! For the past one and half weeks, we have had 12 hours straight of electricity from 12 midnight to 12 noon and i wonder why it couldn’t have been like that…it could be beter but i am not complaining about the 12 hours! Much better than it was!

    Lol at your neighbour!

  3. ababoypart2

    Poor man prayer – Had to join a facebook group called something like “I am tired of hearing e go better”. Not sure Nigeria needs prayers either. I dont think prayers are responsible for the constant electricity enjoyed by folks in the west. What we lack and need is leadership. People in power that are forward thinking. Sadly from Oga to all his newly appointed ‘hommies’ there is as Mandela put it, a collective failure of (yes) leadership!!!

    I was in Nigeria a number of weeks ago for a week, and collectively enjoyed NEPA for less than 4 hours in Aba, PH and Lagos…Unreal!!

  4. Standtall

    In fact dont let me yarn u all abt this power stuff so that I wont end up making another post. It’s frustrating, annoying and unfair.

    I once mentioned to my friends that PCHN issue is enuf to make me give up on Nigeria and relocate patapata

  5. Dee!

    Yes O! I sometime act like your neighbour! lol

    Whether it is NEPA or PHCN… only God will see us through. It is so bad now that I do not even rely on the National source to have electricity in my house. And he irony is that they keep sending bills! How and why should any one pay for services not consumed?! Thank God for inventions like the generator and inverters! All these because great PHCN decides to “hold” power!

    The NLC issue is so SAD! I feel their pain. I am indeed very shocked at the hard stance the Federal Government is taking on the issue.


  6. Lady A

    Revenge is God’s. He will deal with them in His own timing. Yes, will continue to pray for the people, hearts, nation and the land.

  7. ibiluv

    write freak do u live where i live??????……….same thing too…….and i tell u i cant complain 12 hrs on 12hrs off…….

    This country….i have nurring to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Woomie O!

    So funny!

    Nice blog! First time here…

  9. Anonymous


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