Government Hospital staff.


I got a call yesterday..” Aunty, its rafiu please i need a loan of 3000 naira..please I will pay you back in two weeks, please my wife just lost a baby, pls..” before he could finish I told him to come over.

Rafiu is a young man who did some work for me a few years ago. Over the years he continued to call me to solicit for more jobs and just say hello.

When he finally came and told me his story I almost cried. His wife got pregnant for the first time 4 years ago…out of ignorance they didnt register in a hospital. They figured that when the time came they would just rush to the hospital like they had seen so many other women do. However, when her time came and they rushed to a popular government hospital in town the doctor on duty ask them if they had registered previously. When he replied that it was their first time there he just ignored her. Rafiu was almost in tears ” aunty they left her in pains, screaming all through the night, by the time the morning doctor came the baby was dead”.

My Question is why must they always be nasty in government hospitals?If you want to be a doctor or nurse you should have a passion for saving lives, and helping people.Why can’t you just be nice and humane to patients?I agree they may not be paid well but when you choose to work in the healthcare sector it shouldnt be about money.

Anyway let me continue Rafiu’s story. They were devastated by the loss and it took them 2 yrs to conceive again. He was put off by the attitude of the staff at the general hospital and decided to register in a private hospital in the outskirts of Abuja. His wife went into premature labour when she was 7 months pregnant..” Aunty I saw the baby a boy, very small, but alive and moving…a few hours after he was dead”

I felt so sad, you could see a deflated man, he felt like a failure …how could he loose 2 sons just like that..” What sin have I commited aunty?” As he was telling me the story he was yet to tell his wife, he was scared . To compound the whole thing the only thing his mum could say was that he should send the girl away and find someone else to there was something wrong with her.

I gave him him 3,000 he needed to pay up her bills and counselled him. I pray they carry a baby in the arms soon, and I pray that Nigerian Health workers have a change of attitude.

On a lighter note why is is that Nigerians just know how to bring people down. I had a baby some months ago and I think I look great (if I may say so myself) all of a sudden someone…sees me and is like oh my goodness ..u are so fat!why did you let yourself go?better do something fast..I almost didnt recognise you.. na wa better work on yourself fast….lol! Like d’banj would say your just jealous cus ” I’m(H) OT and your NOT!”


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  1. Rafiu’s story is so sad. I know that staff in government hosipitals are disgruntled but that’s no excuse for treating people badly. Hope things get better for him and his family. And you are DEFINITELY hot, she’s not!! Nonsense. LOL

  2. reading rafiu’s story brought tears to my eyes. I am glad you counselled him and i pray God gives them a miracle..gosh!

    men dont mind some people o…they just talk without thinking..i think we all do it every now and then but we just need to be conscious of it.. i am sure you are looking HOT..nothing do u!

  3. I am sorry about what Rafiu and his family has to go through. When it comes to our health services, I have now decided to take law into my hands. When they put up this kind of useless attitude, I give it back to them and tell them hey are not doing anyone any favour but doing their bloody job and they should learn this is all about humanity and stuff.
    I wish things will really change for better cos a lot of lives have being lost due to this careless attitude of the medical practitioners

  4. Wow….this is one of the reasons Nigeria tops the list in child mortality cases….This is just SAD.
    How can people in healthcare be so heartless? God help us in Nigeria.

    About the last paragragh of your post …so it has come to this in Nigeria…is being skinny the new ish now? Times have changed.

  5. Do send my condolence to Rafiu. I feel his pain/loss. It is rather unfortunate that there are people in the medical profession without any form of human pity! Haba! Why would one leave a woman in labour unattended?! That is the height of wickedness. I think that hospital should be slammed with a legal action.

    I also think Rafiu’s Mum needs to be counselled as well.

    As for the postnatal look, no mind them! Like you said . . . you are HOT and they are not!

  6. Thanks aba boy, joicee,standtall.dg, aloted and dee for your comments..Rafiu actually told me he thought of legal action at the time. Anyway I pray things improve in our health sector. Too sad..
    thanks dee, aloted and daddys girl..nothing do me! lol

  7. pathetic is the word for leadership in Nigeria.

    Rafiu, take heart, learn more from aunty Chioma. Affliction shall not arise a second time.

    Sis. Chioma I’d see what I can do about wordpress themes. If u have link to any u like, let me know, I wld gladly help to upload it.

  8. Awww, i feel so sad for Rafiu! I pray God bless them with a child soon! It’s sad when health workers act as such, i suppose his wife wouldn’t have lost the baby if it was elsewhere…God help us
    Tell miss buliminic to go shove something down her throat!

  9. That is the saddest story I have heard today. Unfortunately, I have been hearing a lot of really sad stories recently. It just breaks the heart to learn how people are truly suffering. May God have mercy and grant his wife and him hearty children. Amen.

    And yes, some people can be soooo rude in Naija. Nigerians, in general, can speak with little to no tact. No mind them o jare, you are hot like amala gbi gboono feli feli. lol!!!


  10. Just tell me the story you just told is a joke. I am so sadden by the story. How can someone do that to a fellow human? Very sad.

    Thank God, they finally had a healthy baby.

    I really fear Naija health system.

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