Insect in my ear!!

Of all the experiences I have had last nights was one of the scariest! I was a birthday dinner watching the birthjday boy and his family cut the acke when all of a sudden an inect flew into my ear!! I mean how does that even happen? Well it flew in and was fluttering in my ear and I was terrified ..oh My God! I screamed and tried to use my finger to get it out, and as I did that I knew I was only pushing it deeper into my ear.

Meanwhile my “dear” husband was looking at me like I was crazy…A lady from acroos the room saw my agony and came to help…she offered me a toothpick… which calmed me done and of course pushed the insect further in and injured my ear( like i knew I would, but i was so desperate that if i had been giving a needle i would have used it!)

I then ran into the ladies and the kind lady..(bless u nini) poured some water in my eye hoping it wuld make the insect float..for where! It just made the now desperate insect flutter more and cling unto my eardrum. I thought I was going mad….I can explain how horrifying the whole ordeal was.

After pouring water for about ten minutes we thought we had drowned it as I could feel no more pain or fluttering..but alas…it was not to be . I ran to the car screaming in agony.

My husband and I drove to a General Hospital with my finger firmly planted in my ear. When we got to the ER we were left there for 10 minutes waiting for the lady who would give us card..NAIJA. The Guy there just told us to wait and ignored us. However luckily my husband a doctor himself called an ENT specialist who told us to pour 5ml of mehylated sprit down my ear to kill the insect and then see him the next day. Later I read that i could have poured baby oil and that would have suffocated the insect and also may have made it float out of my ear.

The next day we rushed to see the ENT doctor who to my amazemnet brought out a vile looking insect the size of an extra large housefly . God deliver us from wicked insects!


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  1. ah wow..wat an experience..
    my father is an ENT doctor and when we were young he made us look into this little girl’s ear who an had insect in it…ur story just reminded me about that.

    glad to hear u got rid of the insect..gross

  2. has happened to me once.I was still in med school then,it happened in the middle of the night and guess what, my room-mate suggested we pray and go back to sleep. We prayed and i fell asleep instantly, with it still there! When i woke up in the morning, it was gone. We knew all the olive oil stuff, but our prayers still worked…..go figure! Maybe its all an ‘attack’ after all!!

  3. Wow, thank God! It could’ve been worse. I’ll never forget the day it happened to someone I know. Terrifying I tell ya! Thanks for sharing, if it ever happens, I’ll know what to do.

  4. I’m glad that’s over and you are doing better. You have your hearing still and that’s a blessing. Hope all is well.

    You have been tagged with the “I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD.” Cheers!!

  5. This storie sounds like the kind I used to hear when I was 5 years old. Who remembers the book of fatima and the fly? The fly entered fatima’s eye and she ran to her teacher to remove it. She used a wet cloth and the fly shook its tail and flew away.

    Thank God, the fly came out of your ears. That must have been so uncomfortable. Naija and their palava. Take heart sister

  6. ah! sorry about that incident o
    off all the ears the fly saw it was ur own hmmm
    must have been very attractive lol
    just joking
    but wow that must have been ticklish and scratchy…tnk God its ova

  7. Thanks for putting this up, the same things just happened to my mom, who began freaking out insanely. It was really comforting and useful reading this

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