A housewife caught her husband making love to their under aged daughters inside their apartment in Mararaba, Nasarawa State.
The girls were aged seven and two. Our reporter learnt that was the second time that the woman would catch her husband making love (sic) to his daughters.
The suspect Saidu Waziri blamed the act on the devil (always blame the devil!) and appealed to the police to forgive him as he had learnt his lesson. The Idiot, mad man, also blamed his wife for not giving him sex when he needed it.
He said whenever his wife refuses to let him sleep with her, he is forced in the night to play with his daughters private parts to satisfy his sexual urge (have you never heard of prostitutes?)
The suspect who denied penetrating his daughters private parts with his male organ, however accepted that his wife once caught him making love to his daughters and took the case to the village where it was resolved amicably after he apologised to his family.
I drank alcohol and could not control myself and was playing with my daughters private part..( sicko)

 This story really upset me. The fact that the wife had caught him once and all his family did was resolve the case amicably.
God please save children from such monsters.


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  1. Only in Naija
    do we condone such madness!!!!!!!

    erm…. why she sef dey deny the bobo hin right??????

    i’m not excusing what he did
    i would advocate that they cut his hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nne..m, I am short of words. They resolved it amicably and left him in the same house with those kids? That woman needs to get her kids out of there fast.

    What does a 7 year old girl have on her body that can satisfy a man’s sexual urges.

  3. Father Lord, please save our children from such MONSTERS. AMEN.

    This is a very heinous crime! Haba! A father sleeping with his daughters. . . the guy is SICK!

  4. Such events are underreported in Naija and its much more common than folks think. Paedophilia is not exclusive to western countries. Crazies are all over. Those poor kids are scarred for like, Yuk!


  5. People who say capital punishment should be outlawed need to have their heads examined. Cases like these just make me sick to the pit of my stomach. Those children are going to be scarred for life, both physically and psychologically and the people who should have done something about it are the ones compounding the situation. God save the next generation.

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