It is such a small world! met up with write freak a fellow blogger few days ago and found out I knew her husband and that we all went to the same Uni. There are truly only 6 degrees of separation.
Quick question? Why is it that in Nigeria we pay our live in nannies less than we pay those who come and go, while its the complete opposite overseas. In Nigeria the excuse is that the live- in nanny eats your food, and you take care of her health and so on, but she is on duty round the clock!
Anyway let me move on to the topic at hand, Nuhu Ribadu. When I read how he and his family where pushed out of the hall during the NIPSS graduation I almost cried. Its one thing to humiliate him, but why assault his family? He has been demoted already is that not enough?

The funny thing about the travails of ribadu is that everyone knows its a certain ex-governor behind it. I think Nigeria has just shown the world that the whole anti-corruption thing is a farce and non existent in Y’ardua’s govt. NA WA


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  1. As a blogger wrote-No good deed goes unpunished. I saw Ribadu on TV once: Apparently, there was someone in his office representing the EFCC at a TV interview. Mr Ribadu just happened to see the show and drove down to the station to be a part of it. There was another person on the show- a politician. The way Ribadu handled himself did me proud and that is not something I can say about a lot of people. He was not intimidated and the pompous politician who even took to warning him came off look like a bit of an idiot.

    He also spoke of fighting not to have Nigeria spoilt by people who do not care about the nation. His passion was obvious. We all know that the treatment being meted out to him is nothing but beef.

  2. i am with u on the ribadu one! AM so hating the present government now.. how could they have done thaat to him? what manner of men are ruling us? its a sad situation.. that powers that be.. one day na one day… we would have a revolution. freedom is coming tomorrow. (am feeling realli patriotic.)

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