Nigerian English


Hello everyone! I have always marvelled at the way Nigerians speak english ..I dont mena pidgin english. Let me tell you some of my favourites.

Thanks for yesterday–As far as I am concerned this was translated from yoruba. ese l’ ano

I don’t know for him o! — This one is Igbo..” Amam ya?”

Well done– Now this doubles as a greeting, even if your just sitting down doing nothing you will be greeted with ” well done sir”

Yester night– This one really annoys me.

You should always be on corporate???

We deal on shoes and bags –Whats wrong with saying we deal in?

Well strangely around can’t remember anything else..If you have any uniquely Nigerian phrases pls feel free to send em .

Have a blessed week.

anonymous thanks for reminding me also cant understand ” off the light” and ” it doesnt worth it”

“shift for me ” once u hear anyone say that anywhere in the world be sure the person is a NIgerian…

“can I be on to…” very annoying!
too funny…

thanks peeps ur contributions r all spot on.


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  1. He is not on seat! (When you ask to see someone in the office)

    He ate all the money I gave him. ( I think this comes from Igboland)

    Am my on to Proud mama? ( this happens on the phone). I heard an Oyinbo say this one too.

    Can we meet you? (Radio presenters asking people that call in for their names)

    The list goes on… and on…

    How are you chica?

  2. Off the light.

    Reverse back (where else can you reverse to?)

    Why are you frowning your face (frowning can only be done on one’s face)

    It doesn’t worth it (killer!)

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