No 1 and No 2


My 2nd son is too cute! well all my kids are actually, but the second one is especially interesting cus he seems so quiet..but is actually a talker!

Yesterday was cleaning him up after he used the toilet, and he went on to educate me on the uses of tissue paper.

” Mummy i can use it to clean my bum bum , and my nose and clean my mouth..” U can also use it to clean up after you pee” I reminded him (forgetting he was a boy).

” No mummy, only girls clean up after they pee, because they pee from their bum bum..they dont have a wee wee like me and daddy ..they do everything from their bum bum.” I am wondering why I posted a great week all!


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  1. My son said something similar when we had come from the beach one day. We were in the bathroom cleaning up and he peed then I peed. He gets such a serious look on his face and asks, “Mommy . . . where you pee coming from? You butt?” I almost fell over in laughter. Too cute!!

  2. @ gee….he had a very serious look, (just like chi-chi son) like he was trying to educate mummy who obvioulsy doesnt know the diff btw boys and girls!lol.

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