City People!!


I am not a fan of Cp..the stories they carry are sometimes embarassing and can cause some people distress. However people around me buy it, so on some occassions are read through it.
Ok I opened City people the other day and saw a head line…”Why do must Nigerian Married Men sleep with their helps?” I was incensed…not because Nigerian men are saints..but because I hate it when all these tabloids write stuff that inaccurate.Apparentely quite a no of me sleep with the help, but does that translate to most?

I shared my displeasure with an older lady at my office and she was like ” yes 90% of nigerian men sleep with maids..that is the truth” na wa is it that bad? i refuse to believe they are so many irresponsible mena round.

Anyway I now made the msitake of sending city people a text which they my text I basically said yes a lot of men are irresponsible, but not most men sleep with their househelps. and that they should stop giving our men a bad name …haba! Since that day I have been getting texts and calls from men who saw my text. Some just thanked me for defending the decent men out there, well some proposed! Read some of the texts below:

Amy I appreciate ur matured mentality towards Nigerian men”

“Hey there, I really like the response u gave city people on why Nigerian men sleep with house maid. U r the best. Shlm”

“Madam I like u. tell ur husband dat he is lucky 2 hv u. ppl like u are rare. u 2 much. nt married yt n as a christain I gat principles, dats whats keeping me, wnt 4get u. Adios”

“Hello, gudday, God bless u n ur lucky husband for ur response to city people…”

“My names are patrick freeman, I am so poor but of good looking. Ur name affect me due 2 d fact dat my life vision has something 2 do with me. r u in abuja? if so pls call me”

“Tank u amaka for ur brilliant point on city people . I strongly agree wt u. Do u stay in lagos”

“Hmm I wish all nig ladies are like u I would have gotten married in medical school

Lol! now I recieve calls from strange men every other day. I am however happy that I was able to defend them…i mean not all men are dogs!! One called me yesterday and said that alot of men that sleep with maids do it for ritualistic purposes ” amaka, why do u think all these men are driving all these big cars?its from ritual”…lol.

Anyway next time I wont send city people text..who send me message sef..


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  1. Awww, that's right girl, give others hope! That's funny. The other day the Governor of South Carolina disappeared and left no trace behind….u guessed it! He was with his mistress in Argentina. So the news lady said, "what's goin on with these men"lol!

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