Do u believe in Reincarnation?


I was with 2 of my colleagues a few days ago and somehow our gist led to the topic of re incarnation. I personally do not believe in reincarnation. As far as i am concerned if you look and walk like your late grandad its because you guys have the same genes, and if you were born a week after he died its a conicidence.
Well Vicky my colleague thinks differentely hear her story

” I never beleieved in it o, but now i know better. You see my paternal grandma had a very bad marriage, my grandad beat her frequently and she often returned to her parents home. On one occassion after a particularly fierce beating, she once again fled to her parents home, on her way she had an accident and passed away shortly after. According to people who were with her when she died, she swore that in her next life she would not be in a nurry to marry and that when she married it would be a man who loved her to bits.

When I was born everyone said I was my grandma, as far as i was concerned that was a load of rubbish. However years went by and though suitors came they never stayed, I was becoming an old spinster. I Attend winners and I prayed ferventely for God to send me my husband. I also went to my village and to “prayer places” and after a while the people at home told me to go and beg my grandma, that I was her, and could only marry if she allowed me.

The last time I went home my mother told me that the last person she spoke to concerning my marriage said i should go with my dad to my grandma’s grave. She instructed mt to sit on my dads lap while he spoke to his mum to allow me to marry. I agreed and my dad and I did as we had been told.I returned to abuja not thinking much of it

A month later after a man came seeking my hand in marriage, he was obviosly smitten and wanted to marry me immediately! I could not believe it with time i found out he was even from the same town as me! A few months later we got married, and life has been sweet. He pets me and treats me like a baby, even when i am wrong he just laughs and corrects me lovingly. The type of man grandma said she would marry!”

I asked her if she didnt believe it was God that had answered her prayers. She replied in the affirmative ” God answered me by letting me know i should talk to my grandma, since i was her, reincarnated.

I was shocked to discover that many “christians” much to my suprise believe in re incarnation.


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