A Father’s LOVE!!


People always talk about a mother’s love, but you hear little about loving father’s. Even in churches there is so much fuss about mothers day but fathers day is often overlooked and under celebrated. As fathers day approaches lets go all out to make our daddy’s feel loved.

There is no doubt that a mother has a great impact on her kids, but they are great fathers too. My dad was the worlds greatest (RIP)…such a wonderful man. I stammered as a child(still do atimes) but every other day after work he would take a voice recorder and patently make me practice my speech. He would praise every effort and always told me how much he and my mum loved us all. My mum didn’t have such patience lol! thanks to my dad I hardly stammer and I grew up into a young woman confident of a fathers love.

Yesterday I ran into my cousin in law (whatever that means!) and he was with his 10 month old son. I assumed his wife who had gone to study in the UK was back, as she had gone with the baby. However, he told me that she was still in school and he had to go there a few month ago to bring baby home. “she couldn’t cope, and she refused to admit it, I had to go and insisted on bringing him home”. Here was a young architect living alone with his son, no house help or relatives..I was quite moved. He told me he worked from home so must times he would stay home with him, but that when he knew he would have a busy day moving around he would take him to daycare.

He explained that it was quite difficult at first as the boy was just starting to crawl when they got back, and he was all over the place, but now he has gotten the hang of things. Infact, he had to go to a meeting with him once and the man he met was so impressed that he was looking after his son that he gave him the job, this is something he had been chasing for a while. However he explained that he has had to cancel a few meeting because of him. ” I cant attend any business meeting after 6, cus I have to rush to get him at 7pm , infact one man told me I was unserious and asked why I was doing a woman’s job, after i explained i had to cancel a meeting to pick up my son. . “

After I had talked to my cousin in law for a few minutes he woke up his sleeping son. When I asked why he explained that the boy had been sleeping to long and he had to wake him up or else he woud’nt get a good night sleep..lol!

I was just moved witnessing the amn interactiuon with his son… nice guy. I know its his son but how many men would do what he did? not many.Anyways the guy cant wait for his wife to be back from school, and needless to say he appreciates his wife even more. “First I witnessed his birth , now this..women dey try”

To all the Fathers out there …Happy Fathers Day!!


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  1. Eyah..that was truly sweet.. I have a great Father..Thank God for that.
    Fathers should never be underestimated they play an equally important role in bringing up children

  2. there's a special bond when a man witnesses the pains/joy of childbirth

    i'm not surprised he is a good father

    but some fathers………..dont get me started………..

  3. Great post… there truly are some fantastic dads out there… we had the best one ever, can still remember how I used to run to his room at the slightest scare and he would always be so patient and reassuring. God bless good fathers…

  4. Oh girl!! Are u for real about this ur cousin in law cos he doesnt sound human…dat one na angel gbam!!! Ha…If i had a man like dat I'd worship d ground he walks on….i'm happy for his wife o…she really caught a gold fish!!!

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