Phone Stalker!!!


Tobenna i must indeed be patient! all those calls have stopped except one..I have a phone stalker who calls himself Jim Iyke..he flashes me like 12 times a day or more usually at night…read below some of his texts:

Hello girl I love u so much says your love..amaka please call

Amaka why are you cutting my credit? please call

Amaka i will like to talk to you I love you. I am jim iyke

he probably, thought…yeah all the ladies love jim iyke(not) this will make her call!

Amaka love please call

Am having slepless night while you sleeping. i love you .i will not stop loving. Please call ( this was after a series of 1am flashes)

At this point i decided to reply him and tell him I was not amaka, and this was his reply.

You think u can deceive me by telling me your name is not amaka?

Amaka good day how are you doing I need an anwser.

Amaka why have you forgotten me so soon( see me see trouble!) reply

Then my name changes

Esther pls let me know whenerver ur back, eitehr u flash me or text

amaka you didnt reply

Tell me that you dont love me anymore amaka reply!!!

Lol I could go on and on..which kain whala be this…my advice dont send texts to city people!!


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  1. Maybe you should humour him and agree to meet him in Maiduguri or wherever is farthest from where he lives, after he goes on a wild goose chase, he may learn his lesson

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