African Magic Yoruba


My fav channel this year has been channel 118 African Magic Yoruba(AMY). Yes, its filled with juju, witches and all but hey, that’s the reality of life.

I guess the fact that i spent some years in Benin made me more conscious of the evil and wickedness that abounds in the world, from spirit husbands, witches, native doctors, possessed people, ogbanje’s ..It was as a young girl in benin that i knew that people could be quite fetish.

In University I was also shocked to find a sophisticated friend of mine used to come to school laden with all sort of charms given to her by her mothers baba. Na wa! In fact anyone who doubts how widely used charms are only need buy a copy of city people:

” Old woman with old power ..mama ikire , for your love charm, love me only, get visa, win contract, cure watery sperm, stroke ati bebelo!” lol! its not funny o but its funny! and these people advertise so much in city people so they are obviously getting lots of customers from the adverts.

However what annoys me about the movies is that the person being afflicted with evil always goes to some other babalawo, whatever happened to calling on Jesus to give you victory over the devil? instead they go from one devil to another looking for solutions…crazy!.

Many of them are also well produced and directed (well most of them).

One actress that has my admiration is Ireti Osayemi, I love her in almost all her roles, esp Jenifa. She can convincingly go from bush village girl, to lagos big girl. I watched her play the role of liberian lady in DURO. Her liberian accent was almost spot on. Another actress i love is Mercy Aigbe; usually when i see her I look forward to a good movie.

Another reason I watch AYM is to improve my yoruba, after growing up in Lagos, its kinda embarrassing that i dont speak yoruba..mogbo die die, but thats not God enough. Even my cousin who was raised in the east has learnt quite a bit of yoruba from AYM.

My point is that for those of you who don’t watch yoruba movies, give them a try…they ain’t bad!


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  1. @ tobenna .funny thing is I hate african magic, but love african magic yoruba! dont watch it much these days..but you learn so much from them..hows jnr?.

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