A new beginning!


Happy New Month! Nyemoni thanks for looking out for your girl, you rock! Its been crazy< for some reason finding time to write has been difficult but I must continue what i started.August for me is a special month its a month full of promise and sweet memories. My mama was born in August and I miss her so much this month will be the first one without her.I must begin again, no matter how tight my schedule 5mins a week to keep my blog happy is not to much.So here it goes; ” I promise to update my blog at least once a week (or fortnightly :)) “. The truth is that many of the things I want to talk are about are things that must be written anonmously so i am a bit reluctant someone may uncover the identity behind the blog.Ok guys take care and Happy New month< Happy New start!


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  1. I started reading your blog some time ago (when you seemed to have stopped) and I must say, you have a very interesting, insightful and down to earth blog. I am happy you plan to start again. Please do share what you have in mind; about someone uncovering your identity…hmmnnn… I understand, but if it's fact then it shouldn't be a bother – right?

    Anyway, all the best and I'm sure your mum is resting in peace with the Lord, God Bless xxx

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