Body Magic!


The reigning multi-level scheme on the block is body magic. apparently their main products are body shaping lingerie, aimed at sculpting the body and hiding all bumps and bulges.

I was however a bit surprised when a lady walked up to me asking if i wanted body magic….you may wonder why .Well mainly because the lady was almost twice my size and had a very big tummy, while i am no model the sales woman definitely needs some body magic herself!

The next day as i shopped in mararaba an abuja suburb it just dawned on me that a lot of women wear ill fitting bras, most times their poor boobs and squeezed into a bra 2 sizes too small, resulting in all sorts of spillage. I see some women and wonder “why did she bother wearing a bra?” In fact some women actually don’t bother, and I guess its OK when the lady is not too busty,however when you see a 38 EE walking around without a bra it just doesn’t seem right.

The truth is that many women in this country don’t know their bra size, and what type of underwear they need under some types of clothing. For some the closest they have had to a bra fitting is having some annoying boy in tejuoso( of those days) size up their chest and pull out a bra saying ” sister this na your bust”.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


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