Aunty payshay!


Growing up we had an aunt we called Aunty Patie (prounounced payshay) which was the local short name for Patience. She was an aunt from the village which was why we called her Aunty Patie

Years later I have met another Patie..the dame herself! Dame Patie Jonathan…why do I call her Patie? well because she has this local quality about her…the way she talks, walks everything about her is “localish” but you can’t help but like her.

Well now after seeing her pics in Sundays Thisday I like her even more….she sure is pretty and TY Bello is fantastic! I know some may think that was all TY Bello artistry and airbrushing at work, but to be honest if she wasn’t pretty Ty Bello wouldnt have been able to do any magic!

Talking about magic I remember those days of motion pictures in Uni. There was this young lady who took a picture with “ola mighty” one of the campus photographers. When she came to collect her picture she was appalled and screamed saying she wouldnt pay as the picture was not nice.
As she walked away angrily Ola said aloud

 ” oga o! I am a photographer not a magician, na wetin the camera see e take now, how can I make an ugly lady beautiful”..

I think he was wrong though because everyone is beautiful in their own way…just look at the dame!

Have a blessed week.


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