I want to be born again!


My 3 children are wonderful! like most parents I love them and they give me so much joY!

This morning as I was rushing to get dressed for work my 6 yr old came into my room and said “mummy i want to be born again” I thought i didnt hear again so asked him..”sweetie what did you say?” and he said “I want to give my life to Christ” …i was pleasantly surprised so even though I hadnt been the perfect christian mum my son had learnt from all my preaching and wants to give his life to Christ…wow!. I gave him a big hug and promised to pray with him when i got back.

I got home and quickly read about leading children to Christ. I was so excited! However I wnated to know if he truly understood waht it meant to give his life to Christ! I asked him what giving his life to Christ meant, and he said ” to be born- again” :)…

MUM: why do you want to be born-again?

SON: becasue I want to sit in front with you…

🙂 🙂 …Lol! i still prayed with him and he proceeded to drill me on Gods age (he even tried to use my phone to goggle it). He wuite curious about God a few weeks ago so him searching microsoft encarta for a picture of God.

now let me explain, with all my kids (yes i know its wrong but I did it sha)…i usually sit with them in front on the way back from church (thats basically the only time the whole family is in the car)..and I always sit with the baby, mainly because baby is always clingy n wants mummy.. However with my 3rd child i didnt do it partly beacsue I realised how dangerous it is for kids to sit infront.

Anyway my 6 year old tried to sit in fron with me last sunday and I was like ” son, you cant sit in front , kids cant sit in front and besides I only allowed you before becasue you were a baby now your a big boy”

Therefore my son wants to be “born again” so I can carry him in front again!…kids!!!

What funny things have your young ones said? please share


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