Murdered by her husband!


They look so happy don’t they? Like many newlyweds I am sure they imagined a lifetime of happiness. Who would have thought about 2 years later the bride would be gruesomely killed at the hands of none other than her “beloved” groom. Yes! you read right the handsome, quiet looking fellow Arowolo stabbed his wife titilayo to death.

Apparentely Titi who worked with skyebank lagos was the bread winner until her death.Her husband/murderer was a known wife beater and had lost his job a few months after their wedding. Theirs was a turbulent marriage and last year she had moved back to her parents place only to return back to her husbands house.

She was found with the murder weapon still in her neck! oh such agony! How can the same hands that hold you lovingly inflict so much pain??

I am sure the signs where there but poor innocent Titilayo in a bid to make her marriage work tried to work things out and now she is no more.

Please if you are in an abusive relationship seek help! if you dont have a family go to your pastor or imam.Only a living woman can talk about having a marriage. I am not saying that because your husband pushed you last year you should leave (neither am I saying that pushing is ok, cus its not!).

It starts before the marriage, screaming at the slightest provocation, hitting for no reason..Please dont be another statistic..RIP Titilayo I pray your death will not be in vain.


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  1. Omoge..said……evil man God will definitely purnish u for this evil act you have committed.If u are tired u get a divorce and leave, why kill her, no matter what you don't have the right to take anyone's life.

  2. I pray God will take control of everything.But b4 I condemn the guy or point fingers… I am sure they had a courtship and she probably knew deep inside the dude was abusive… Obviously its a shame the situation has come to this..

    I pray God will give courage to women all over the World to leave an abusive relationship and apply wisdom…

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