“Da Maria” Italian Food and Delicatessen, Wuse 2, Abuja

Hello there!
My friends and I eat out a lot so I have decided to start reviewing restaurants!

First on my list ” Da Maria” Italian Food and Delicatessen in Wuse 2. I had heard alot about it so of course I had great expectations. Apparently, in true Italian style they have a different menu every evening, so you never know what to expect.

From the moment I walked in the first thing that hit me was the pleasant aroma of olives and cheese..it truly smelt like I was in Milan, Palermo or some other Italian town! The decor and overall ambiance was very nice indeed. I looked forward to a gastronomical adventure!

For my first course I ordered “lasagna alla bolognese” and it was perfect! very cheesy and had that authentic Italian flavour, I was also surprised to find myself quite full after that. I also tasted a bit of my friends “lasagna alle verdure” , which was more a less a vegetarian version of what I had. It was piping hot and the creamy cheese and broccoli all made for a thoroughly enjoyable dish.

Another friend ordered a Caprese salad, which was basically tomatoes and mozzarella dressed with herbs and olive oil. It was delicious and everyone tucked in. After that we were all ready to give “Da Maria” our seal of approval until our second courses arrived.

Four of us had played it safe and ordered “pollo co peperonata”..we figured anything with chicken and pepperoni must be good, right? wrong!. We were served what tasted like what northerners call “paten-dankali”..it didn’t taste Italian at all! It was oily and definitely not what we expected, and almost ruined our dining experience!

We were all quite unhappy with our second course and one of us had her dish returned “why should I come here and eat potato and chicken stew she grumbled angrily”. However there was one happy person on the table my friend kas…she had ordered “arrosto di vitello con funghi trifolati” which was roast veal served with some type of mushrooms..it was fantastic! She smiled all though dinner.

So, would I recommend “Da Maria” ? definitely, even though I had expected that the manager would come and apologise to the unhappy customer who returned her food, I will still give them a pass mark (Later on as we left he did apologise, and was quite pleasant).

If you want a taste an authentic taste of “italia” then do give “Da Maria” a try, however order with caution!


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