NNPC staff killed by domestic help and driver


A staff of NNPC Afishetu Abdullahi was killed by her driver and an accomplice a few days ago.

Apparently the late Afishetu was a top shot at NNPC and while she lived alone in Abuja her family live in Auchi.

She had called her family to inform them she will be home for the recently concluded Sallah holiday. After she didn’t return home and her phone didn’t go through they got worried . After searching through mortuaries and hospital in the fear that she was involved in an accident they decided to go to her house in garki, where the security man said his madam had travelled.

After searching in futility they broke into her house and discovered that her house had obviously been robbed and found her dead body stuffed into her freezer!

However, her driver Amanya and his accomplice Kennedy where picked up by FCT police and confessed to perpetuating the crime.

According to him he had worked in a car wash and was employed by his madam a few weeks ago. He developed a deep hatred for her after he bashed her Infinity Jeep and she told him to repair it or face being arrested by the Police. After this incident he began to hatch his plans to eliminate her. Read the full story of his confession below:


May God keep us safe, let please be security concious when employing our domestic staff.


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